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"Like the Virgin Mary who treasured all these things in her heart,  we learn to welcome in depth those moments of grace which come through daily events and encounters.”
                                                                                                           Mission and Spirit of the Order


It has always been part of our tradition to welcome women seeking time for retreat. We are situated in a beautiful part of Sussex, with lovely gardens and surrounded by fields of arable and dairy farming. Retreatants come for varying lengths of time: a day, a couple of days or a little longer. They are welcome to enter into the rhythm of the community liturgically, to join us in the refectory and enjoy the peace and spaciousness of our grounds.

Since the time of Francis de Sales and Jeanne de Chantal, our Founders, it is our mission and our joy to live in the heart of the Church and the heart of the world as women of prayer.

Life is a journey,
and as we continue on our way
we each can say with Mary,
‘My soul glorifies the Lord.’


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Due to the pandemic we are not receiving retreatants
at the moment but look forward to reopening next year.
   If you would like to join us
      for a spiritual retreat
then do please do contact us.
                             Click here for Retreat Booking Form

minimum stay two nights.
                 RETREAT BOOKING FORM  
  If you feel God is calling you to the religious life
               & would like to know more
          please click below & fill in the form.

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