Monastery of the Visitation


Mother Jane Margaret sitting on the chair used by our Foundress St Jane de Chantal
 to give Chapter to the sisters, in the museum in Moulin.

St Margaret Mary's cell, now an oratory.

Paray le Monial

The Nut Grove where the Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared to St Margaret Mary

The monastery chapel where St Margaret Mary had her first vision kneeling at the grille, Dec. 27th 1673.

St Margaret Mary Alocoque

St Margaret Mary with the novices

The trunk belonging to St Margaret Mary's brother that she brought with her when she entered the monastery,25th May 1671

The Vow book in which St Margaret Mary renewed & wrote her vows every year on November 21st.

St Margaret Mary

Pere Podavin, Mother M. Guadalupe & Bishop Laurent Perceroux Bishop of Moulin,
at the Federation meeting in Moulin.

Admiring some of the treasures of our Order.

M. Picaud, Director of our Museum in Moulin.

M. Picaud explaining the artefacts in the museum.