Monastery of the Visitation

November 18 - Memorial of our Seven Sister-Martyrs  of the Spanish Civil War,

Blessed Maria Gabriela de Hinojosa  and Companions.

 "If Spain can be saved by our death, may it come quickly."


Bl. Maria Gabriela de Hinojosa -

"Lord, our God, we are  in your hands, do with us that which is most useful to us."

 Bl. Josefa Maria Barrera -

"Let us take advantage of everything,  for it is a time of great sacrifices and, consequently, of merits for eternal life.

 Bl. Teresa Maria Cavestany -

 "I have only one desire, insatiable and immense. . .the desire, the thirst for God! For God alone!

 Bl. Maria Angela Olaizola -

" I wish to submit myself to the will of God and to make his will, my will."

 Bl. Maria Engracia Lecuona -

"What happiness! We are going  to grasp the martyr's palm!"

 Bl Maria Ines Zudaire -

"Virgin Mary, I place myself at your feet,  protect me always for under your mantle I will be happy and blessed."

 Bl. Maria Cecilia Cendoya -

"Do you know that we live in the presence of God and he sees us?"