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Spring is no respecter of age & can begin in us when we are 20 or 80. We may worry about the presumption of beginning 'out of season.' Am I too old? Would not the adventure & the risk be better left to younger persons? This is not the point. Our business at any age can be spring. It is ours only to assess the love & presence of God, & to let ourselves go into the 'ever widening circles', as the poet Rilke once described his life. We do not have to see the end, the final circle. Rilke said "I may not ever complete the last one, but l give myself to it." Perhaps a lifetime is for coming to the place where we freely give of ourselves at any age, time or place in acts of courage or trust. Spring is more than the greening maple, the red-winged blackbird. It is a deep momentum that moves the world toward the fulfilment of the Benevolent Promise we hear every spring at the edge of a once & winter pond as it wakes in warmth & song to another beginning
                                                  from 'The Daybook' Spring 1998
                                                                      Marv Hiles




The spring lambs are here, hopefully acting as natural lawn mowers, but I think they probably prefer sitting in the sun & meditating on life! A lovely, peaceful picture for us to enjoy.



On this lovely spring morning we remind ourselves of the wise words of Jean Vanier that we are all called to be human beings in need of God's mercy




Yesterday we spent the day with her Majesty the Queen on her 90th birthday. We watched the morning celebrations at Windsor & then in the afternoon a pre-recorded programme on her life. We enjoyed our own 'street party' in Patmos! God be praised for her fidelity, duty & utter selflessness.




Today is Good Shepherd Sunday, it's also a special day to pray for vocations. For us in the monastery it's a day to thank our Mother Mary Joseph for all the love & care she gives our community; we decorate the traditional shepherd's crook with spring flowers. It's also the day the cuckoo makes his appearance each year; Sr Jane Margaret has just come in from the garden at 9.37am to say she's heard him. Welcome back little bird you're right on time!





A little glimpse of Spring that we are enjoying. Snow is threatened today, but surely not in the South East! All is tranquil, the birds are singing, the faithful ducks are looking for somewhere to nest & the little spring flowers are popping their heads up.




Sr M. Joseph found an interesting document in our archives giving suggestions to help rectify the 'General decline of religion in these times'. This was in 1788 - what's new?



On Tuesday our good friends from the Waldron Hand Bells, called the 'Parish Pealers', came to Patmos to give us a recital, & it was wonderful, such a pretty sound. It all looks so difficult to be able to come in at the right time but they insist you just have to know how to count!


  click on picture

    click picture
to hear the tunes


There is no such thing as too much love!



Here are some Easter pictures
to share with you.



Several weeks ago Sr. Jane Margaret was interviewed by Emily Jeffries of Radio Sussex; the interview was split & spread over 4 weeks in Lent on Emily's 'Sunday Breakfast' programme, ending yesterday, Easter Sunday. The topics varied from Sister's visit to Rome with Sr. M. Joseph & speaking to Pope Francis, the rhythm of our daily life, vocation, our recent move, Lent & Easter & generally what nuns are all about in today's world.
To hear the interview click on the picture & turn your sound up.
I have to add that the beautiful singing at the end of the interview is not our sisters but the Benedictine Nuns of Notre Dame L'Annonciation.



27.3.16.              EASTER SUNDAY

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
How wonderful to be able to sing those words again in our liturgical celebrations after 6 long weeks. We wish you all many blessings this Eastertide, full of the promise of hope & new life.

Tomorrow we begin Holy Week & we are in retreat. We accompany Jesus on His path of suffering & that means we also unite ourselves with all the suffering peoples of our world. So very many in deep distress & anguish, many of them will never make the headlines of a newspaper, they remain faceless & nameless; they suffer in silence & anonymity. May you all have a prayerful & grace-filled few days preparing for the great feast of Easter.




We are enjoying beautiful sunny, spring days, still with a nip in the air but the birds are singing & anyday now the cuckoo will arrive after his long flight. Those of you who have shared quiet days with us at this time of year will remember how breath-taking it is to look out onto the thousands of yellow daffodils in our park. God be praised for his beauty everywhere!



'Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds
 are the
morning yawn'.

 Kathy Sue Loudermilk




As we approach the season of New Life, the season of Easter, so here at the monastery we too have shared the miracle of new life as Sr. Jane Margaret welcomed a new great nephew; her nephew John, his wife Katherine & brother Sebastian welcomed Joseph Vincent into the family yesterday. God be praised for a safe delivery & a very beautiful baby.






This is a short video clip of Sr. Jane Margaret when she met Pope Francis in early February, at the end of the Year for Consecrated Life. Click on the picture.



Pope Francis has called on the parishes and dioceses of the world to join him in opening up the doors of their churches and cathedrals for adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation this weekend from Friday 4th to Saturday 5th March 2016.  Our Chapel door is also open to anyone who calls & every 1st Friday of the month we have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament all day; so we unite ourselves with all those who are adoring  the Lord this weekend, spending 'special' time with Him.




You know the song 'You'll never walk alone', apart from being the signature tune for the Liverpool football team, it should also be our signature tune in life, because despite having those times when we do feel completely isolated & alone, the reality is that we never are.  God is always by our side, holding our hand, if we let Him. We need to be conscious of His presence in our daily lives, knowing, that like this mother hen's chicks, we are always protected & loved. If we are brave enough this Lent we can step out, unafraid into the unknown singing our song in our hearts.




There is no such thing as the right place, the right job, the right calling or ministry. I can be happy or unhappy in all situations. I am sure of it because I have been. I have felt distraught & joyful in situations of abundance as well as poverty, in situations of popularity & anonymity, in situations of success & failure. The difference was never based on the situation itself, but always on the state of my mind & heart. When I knew I was walking with God, I always felt happy & at peace. When I was entangled in my own complaints & emotional needs, I always felt felt restless & divided.
                                                Henri Nouwen




In our world of conflict Sr Augustine of Hippo has some wise words. With the help of God we can be masters of our destination & that of our world. With courage we must always be messangers of HOPE.




Yesterday a replica of the Shrine picture of Our Lady of Consolation, found in the church of Our Lady of Consolation at West Grinstead, came to the monastery for 3 days. Within our Diocese of Arundel & Brighton the Church of Our Lady of Consolation is a place of pilgrimage; it was the first shrine in honour of Our Lady to be established in England after the Reformation. In this special Year of Mercy it is also the place of one of the Holy Doors in our Diocese & the replica picture is visiting every parish during this year.




This 'Jigsawing' is a serious business! Here we are at recreation finishing off, at last, the one of Highclere Castle - where Downton Abbey was filmed. It's all about team work, a bit like community life.




From January 28th until February 6th Our Mother, Sr. Mary Joseph & Sr Jane Margaret were in Rome at the invitation of the Congregation for the Institutes for Consecrated Life. They joined over 4,000 nuns from all over the  world who came together to celebrate the closure of this special year for Consecrated Life. A mixture of conferences, discussions & greetings, the days were extremely full but a wonderful experience for all who participated. After the the closing ceremony 38-40 Visitandines from all over the world stayed on together for an extra 2 days of discussion. So many photos came home with our sisters & it's been quite a task putting them together & now you'll need patience to view them! Click on the picture opposite




Today the feast of the Presentation & the end of the year for Consecrated Life, some of us went to Worth Abbey to join the other religious of our Diocese for a mass concelebrated by our Bishop Richard & 30 or more Benedictine monks. There must have been almost 300 religious at the beautiful, joyous mass. Our Mother, Sr. Mary Joseph & Sr Jane Margaret are in Rome at the invitation of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life. They have joined over 4,000 religious who have come from all over the world to celebrate the closure of this very special year; but more of their visit after their return.



As we get older, we get more rickety, our bones go a bit crooked sometimes causing us to lean one way or another. We aren't as 'perfect' looking as perhaps we once were, at least on the outside, but what GREAT beauty there still is, both in what we see & on the inside! The trees you see when you click the picture opposite are in our woods, still majestic in their ancient years, still having a magnificent presence & a well-lived beauty. Their message to us is to make sure you 'Live until you die'!




In the preface to our Constitutions, Our Holy Founder, St. Francis de Sales tells us 'Be valiant, firm, constant, unalterable, & so abide that nothing may separate you from the Heavenly Spouse who has united you together, nor from that union which can keep you united to Himself; so that having but one heart & one soul He Himself may be your only soul & heart.'
Today we celebrate with our sisters all over the world the feast of St. Francis de Sales. Together we give thanks for our vocation within the Church, we ask Our Holy Founder to bless our communities that we may each  'Live Jesus' where He has called us to be, & to enfold within that calling all those who journey with us in love & faith.



'Walk simply & you will walk confidently'.
        St Francis de Sales


We woke up this this morning to our first blanket of snow of the year. Utterly beautiful everywhere you look, sounds are muted; l hope the birds have found somewhere warm to perch out of the freezing air.



Look who was sunning himself in our cloister yesterday, he was only about 2" long & a bit  cobwebby!

'We think too small, like a frog at the bottom of a well, he thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well! If he surfaced he would have an entirely different view.'
                                               Mao Tse Tung.



Look what we got from our dear Sue for Christmas - it's in case we are suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawal symptons!



We have just celebrated the birth of Jesus; a child who changed our world, who changed each one of us. Read opposite the story of a child who also made a difference in the lives of others. Click on the picture.



1.1.16.     Solemnity of the Mother of God

'What can I give Him, poor as I am . . . .'

In this New Year of 2016, this Year of Mercy,
we gratefully look back on the past year with its many blessings & graces. We look forward to 2016 with open hands & hearts, offering all that is asked of us, knowing that our Merciful God is patiently waiting to receive our gifts.

On this beautiful feast of Our Lady we pray, through her intercession, for our world; that amid the terror & turmoil God's merciful love & peace may reach those places where it is most needed.

We wish you many blessings for this New Year and send our love & prayers.




28.12.15.      Holy Innocents

Pray. Pray. Pray.



We share some of our Christmas festivities with you  . . .


25.12.15.     CHRISTMAS DAY

We wish you every blessing on this wonderful feast. May Jesus bring you joy & peace & hope to our world.

Venite adoramus



Although we are in retreat until Christmas day, we are still busy & one of the 'to do's' on the list is tree decorating; as you can see Sr. M. Ruth is doing a good job!




'See how the Virgin waits for Him' . . .


Last night at Vespers we began the beautiful O Antiphons, one of the oldest liturgical rituals of the Church.  As we pass through these 'final' days of Advent everyone & everywhere is very busy, so much to get done, so little time; we try & focus on what we are preparing for, or rather on WHO we are preparing for. It's a time of expectation, of longing as we look to welcoming our Prince of Peace.





This is the Christian’s joy:
I know that I am a thought in God,
no matter how insignificant I may be –
the most abandoned of beings,
one no one thinks of.
Today, when we think of Christmas gifts,
how many outcasts no one thinks of!
Think to yourselves, you that are outcasts,
you that feel you are nothing in history:
“I know that I am a thought in God.”

                                             Oscar Romero





Today, as part of  this 'Gaudate', joy-filled weekend, Sr Anne had the grace & joy of receiving the holy habit, & her new name  - Sr. Mary Ruth; she now begins her noviciate.
Please pray for her perseverance as she takes this next step in her religious life journey. God be praised!




Yesterday, after two years of formation, two of our Daughters of St Francis de Sales, Sue & Jan, made their final Consecration to the Society, during a beautiful mass celebrated by our chaplain Fr. Jim Hurley. Afterwards we enjoyed a buffet lunch in Patmos. Our group of Daughters meet monthly at the monastery to share, pray & encourage each other on the spiritual path they have chosen; that helped by the spitituality & writings of St. Francis de Sales, St Jane de Chantal, Fr. Henri Chaumont & Madame Carre de Malberg they may 'Live Jesus' in their daily lives.



We are in the depths of repairs, renovating the renovations & have been for several weeks now! Once again various floors are up, tiles are removed, walls are re-done, re-rendered & then re-painted. Workmen are in banging, sawing, adjusting; so many rooms we aren't able to use for the forseeable future. This wasn't in the brochure on house moving! We don't really expect to be finished much before Christmas, if then! But we do have a roof over our heads & we can adapt to our situation so are blessed more than many others.
We have almost finished clearing the old monastery; sisters were up there this morning sweeping, bringing back more treasures & throwing others into yet another skip! The sun is shining in a blue sky & for November & Thanksgiving Day we have a lot to be thankful for.





 A letter penned by Antoine Leiris, whose wife, HELENE was murdered while attending the concert in Paris where so many people were indiscriminately slaughtered.

 “On Friday night you stole the life of an exceptional human being, the love of my life, HELENE, the mother of my son, but you won’t have my hatred.

I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know – you are dead souls. If this God, for which you kill indiscriminately, made us in His own image, every bullet in the body of my wife will have been a wound in His heart.

So no, I don’t give you the gift of hating you.

You want me to be afraid, to view my fellow countrymen and women with mistrust, to sacrifice my freedom for security. You have lost.

I saw her finally (in the morgue) after many nights and days of waiting. She was just as beautiful as when she left on Friday night; just as beautiful as when I fell hopelessly in love with her over 12 years ago.

Of course, I’m devastated with grief; I admit that small victory, but it will be short lived. I know she will accompany us each day . . . .

We are two, my son and I (Melvil) but we are stronger than all the armies of the world.

I don’t have anymore time to devote to you; I have to join Melvil who is waking up from his nap. He is barely 17 months old. He will eat his meals as usual, and then we are to play, as usual and for his whole life this little boy will threaten you by being happy and free: because no, you will not have his hatred either.”






It is the custom of our Order that each year on November 21st, feast of the Presentation of Mary, the sisters publicly & individually renew their vows during Mass. We unite ourselves with our sisters throughout the world; for each it is a very special moment, renewing our commitment to 'Live Jesus' as Visitandines & Daughters of Prayer. Afterwards each sister writes & signs her vows in the Vow Book.
God be praised!


'Grant us O Jesus
holy & sweet love
of our souls,
that the year in which
 each sister
shall inscribe her oblation
in this book
may be a year
of sanctification for her;
the day, a day of salvation,
the hour, an hour
of lasting benediction'.
               St. Francis de Sales



"Later that night
I held an atlas in my lap,
ran my fingers across the whole world,
and whispered
'Where does it hurt?' 

it answered -
                                   Warsan Shire




Praying specially for - 



Tonight we go into retreat for 3 days prior to our renewal of vows on the 21st, feast of the Presentation. Please pray for us as we remember you & all your intentions; we have so much & so many to pray for.



There are many faces of love, there are many expressions of it;  there are so many ways to say ‘I love you’ as listed in the picture opposite. God too uses many different ways, each & everyday, to show His love for us; the very fact that we ‘are’, that we exist, is proof of His love. Instead of looking for the ‘larger picture’, let's look for & recognise the small gentle ways of how He shows us His love, stays with us in all the events of our lives & holds us in His loving arms. Let us be there in those soft, still moments, for others, so that there will be less people who are lonely & who feel unloved in our world today.



8.11.15.     Rememberance Sunday

We are indeed the lucky & unlucky ones,
as we are the ones who have lived
to tell the tales of those we knew.

We are the ones who carry the scars
of things seen, done & lost.
We are the ones who must never
let those who are not here
be forgotten by the new.

We are the ones who will never
need to be reminded that
'We will remember them.'
As we are the ones who will always
remember those we forever call friend.'
                                Anthony Devannyas





What lights up your life? We're now in the month of November, the month of the Holy Souls; we pray especially for those who have died that they may enjoy the light of God's eternal glory, that they may see His face. We are each called to be beacons of light & hope for others, dead or alive; to let Jesus shine in us; for us Visitandines to 'Live Jesus' not in any 'spotlight' way but gently, softly, graciously.





Sr. Jane Margaret's great nephew, Sebastian, celebrated his 2nd birthday this week.  With his beautiful & mischievous smile he brings joy & captures the hearts of all those whom he meets.



A 2 year old is like  having a blender, but you don't have a top for it!


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
                                     Eleanor Roosevelt



Sr. Jane Margaret was busy during her retreat several weeks ago making beautiful cards. The pictures don't really do them justice. Isn't it wonderful that God has given us all different creative skills; everyone has a gift which they can use to give Him glory & others pleasure. Let's make sure we don't hide our light under a bush.



16.10.15.      Feast of St Margaret Mary

As we approach the beginning of the Year of Mercy, we ponder on the love & mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & especially today as celebrate the feast of St. Margaret Mary, one of our Visitandine sisters. We unite with our sisters & friends throughout the world on this beautiful feast & remember you & all your intentions in our prayers as we adore before the Blessed Sacrament all day.




Two bits of news; last week we celebrated the 90th birthday of our dear Sr. Mary Elizabeth - she's a wonder to behold, still doing our accounts & paper-work each & everyday, & then yesterday we had the joy of our postulant Sr. Anne being accepted for her clothing in the holy habit. God be praised for community life.



Sr. Mary Blogerina is going into her twelve day retreat tonight. Please say a little prayer for her -     & watch this space!



Yesterday evening we had a prayer vigil for Refugees. It was a special moment to reflect that Jesus, Mary & Joseph were refugees too; a time for prayer & chant, a time to unite ourselves in love with all the suffering people, fleeing their own countries in anguish & despair for many reasons.





Last week we were delighted to welcome some Sisters of St Peter Claver for the afternoon. They are based in London & one of them, Sr. Assunta, had been at school with Mother Mary Joseph & Sr. Mary de Sales; more than 51 years had passed since they last met so there was plenty to catch up on! We spent a lovely afternoon together, ending with Vespers before they made the journey home.




Seven of us went to Worth Abbey yesterday for the Diocesan Day for Religious. The  speaker was Fr. Michael Holman SJ, Principal of Heythrop College. The theme was preparing for 'The Year of Mercy'. We also met our new Bishop Richard Moth. It was a wonderful day, the conferences gave us plenty of food for thought & it was good to renew friendships with various sisters & brothers who attended.




Guess who came for a visit this evening?
Isn't he cute? We seem to have a lot of toads around the grounds, some are tiny, mini toads, but all are God's creatures.



We are praying . . . . .


On Saturday some of us visited Sr. Mary Dorothy, who is in Holy Cross Nursing Home just 7 minutes away from the monastery. On Sunday she celebrated her 96th birthday. We had a lovely couple of hours together, singing & enjoying her birthday cake; and yes we got it wrong, the cake says 95!!! But she was still 95 when we celebrated! God be praised for the wonder & beauty of old age.




Today the Holy Father has asked us for a special day of prayer for the care & respect of all creation.

'Creator God who surveyed all that you had made
 & declared it to be good,
         give us the ears, eyes & hearts
               to appreciate what you have given us.
Forbid that we should walk through our world
         without hearing the songs of the birds,
             without smelling the flowers along the way,
                  without seeing the glory of the trees,
                       without marvelling at the beauty of the hills.
May we not be so busy with our work
           that we fail to appreciate the sunshine.
 May we not be so preoccupied with the things that money can buy
           that we neglect the riches of experiences which are free.
Give us a sense of respect for the planet you have given us.
May we not burn its forests through carelessness,
         nor litter its roadsides & beaches with garbage,
                nor in any way upset the delicate balance of nature.
May we respect it for what it is  -  the work of your own hands.'



At the beginning of the preface to St Francis de Sales' book' 'The Introduction to the Devout Life' he introduces us to Glycera, a bouquet-maker. Her art was that she could make many different bouquets & arrangements from the same group of flowers; the variety was endless. With God no colours clash, no flowers are 'out of place' together. Surely this is how it should be with us; that we all fit together, despite colour, creed or origin. We are all 'God-made' & so it is possible to create many different varieties & arrangements of the human race; all equally beautiful, all giving praise to God by their existence.
Something for each one of us to work at! 



We live in a holy place, a sacred space because of the presence of God in our midst. We, the sisters, aspire to become holy; our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales tells us that it'll take a lifetime, if not longer to achieve this! We also have 'holy' logs; they are naturally holy, with the wear & tear of years & enviroment. Now they make a pretty addition to the front of the monastery. Click on the picture opposite.




What does the picture equation add up to?
click on question marks!






22.8.15.        The Queenship of Mary

Part of the Angel's message in today's Gospel on this beautiful feast of Our Lady, told Mary that the 'shadow of the Most High' would cover her. In all our lives there is both shadow & light. Some days are brighter for us than others; but there is a deep beauty in shadow; the light becomes somehow different because of the shadow. Where there is shadow there has to be light & some of the worlds greatest artistic master-pieces have portrayed this. There is an old Maori  proverb which says 'Turn your face to the sun & the shadows fall behind you'.




A child's world is fresh & new & beautiful, full of wonder & excitement. It is our misfortune that for most of us that clear-eyed vision, that true instinct for what is beautiful & awe-inspiring, is dimmed & even lost before we reach adulthood. If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children, I should ask that her gift for each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructable that it would last throughout life, as an unfailing antidote against the boredom & disenchantment of later years  .... the alienation from the sources of our strength.
                                                       Rachel Carson







This evening we have just had a Vigil in preparation for Our Holy Mother, St Jane Frances de Chantal's feast tomorrow. A mixture of prayer, reflections, quotations, readings & hymns. A beautiful feast for so many as we unite ourselves with our sisters throughout the world. Tomorrow we'll have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament all day, we have so much & so many to pray for. You will all be remembered in our prayers. How blessed we are. God be praised!



This is what 200 cup cakes look like! Jodie & James got married today & these were part of their wedding dinner. May they be richly blessed in their married life together. God be praised!



Our dear Janet comes regularly for her day retreat, she is a 'bird expert' & loves to log all the birds she sees during her day; but she also works very hard trying to beat the weeds in Mary's Meadow. (our wild flower meadow)
The first Morning Glory greeted us this morning with its fresh beauty.




It's been a busy week making roses! A friend of the community is celebrating her son's wedding this coming week & as well as the wedding cake which she herself has made & decorated there are 200 cupcakes, 100 of which will have a sugar paste rose on top. The finished results are pretty & we were glad to help. Time off rose making today when at recreation we went for for a stroll in the lovely summer weather.





We have just received news that Mother Marie Helene of Annecy died at midday today. Please pray for her.
May she rest in peace.


We are enjoying the first fruits of our new kitchen garden. How blessed are we that our 'vegetable supermarket' is just over the pathway!



It's lovely having a glass cloister but it does show every mark. After a full day of rain yesterday Sr. Anne is tackling the smudges!




After their moon landing in 1969, the 3 American astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin & Michael Collins made a tour of many countries. In Italy they visited Pope Paul VI, presenting him with a sample of moon rock, he gave them porcelain statues of the Three Wise Men. Later Buzz Aldrin said this was one of the most moving moments of their 23 nation tour; The Holy Father likening them to the Three Wise Men who visited Jesus at His birth. The Holy Father said that like them the Astronauts had reached their destination by following the stars they could see.
Let us too have a sense of vision, hope & expectancy, & in faith follow the star that God has provided for us today.



... and more!




Our courtyard cloister is in bloom!



Laughter is a smile that has burst!



The water lilies have risen & the first ones are out; such simple beauty & a joy to see.

'It took me sometime to understand my water lilies. I had planted them for the pleasure of it; I grew them without even thinking of painting them'.


  click on picture


Some of our roses have bloomed & are very beautiful, but it's so lovely to find a patch of wild flowers that have pushed their way through the heavy clay & brightened a small patch of barren earth. That's what we can do if we try.



The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be.
             Mandy Hale



The Wagtails babies have flown away leaving their beautiful intricate nest.
We had a new compost bin delivered last week & looking at it made me think of religious life, especially early formation. All the bits & pieces we may think worthless are put in together; they mix, ripen, mature, get broken down in time to something richer, finer & more life-giving which can then be used to give life elsewhere. Isn't that our vocation - to become life-giving?
Check out the progress of our kitchen garden which is looking good & productive with potatoes, spinach, courgettes, marrows, runner beans, herbs & any minute lettuces! Click on the pictures opposite.



If you can't get to us by car, not to worry, as you see from opposite we have our own 'runway'! Just jump in your plane & fly to us! Those solar lanterns can make you dream can't they?



What joy we had in discovering in the middle of the Peony plant pot in our cloister courtyard a nest of 5 baby Pied Wagtails. Mum keeps a careful watch from the roof above &  before we knew they were there Sr. Anne watered them! Mum flew out & that's how their home was uncovered. This was God's gift to us today.

       click picture


We have a great crop of gooseberries, one & a half bushes picked, another five to go. So it looks like on the menu next week will be gooseberry pie, gooseberry fool, gooseberry jam! Thank goodness for deep freezers!




On Thursday we had the joy of welcoming our good friends, the Anglican Sisters of Bethany; they came to visit with Fr. Peter & we spent a happy few hours together.


    click on picture

12.6.15.    Sacred Heart

'Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in you.'
Joyful blessings & prayers to you on this beautiful feast.


Sometimes the moments, the days & the months in our lives are like these stones, they don't always fit neatly & precisely together; sometimes they feel as though they're only just balancing on the edge. They pile higher & higher & we feel perhaps that at any moment there's going to be an almighty crash. But . . . it doesn't happen, we do keep our balance, the stones grow higher & how original each one is; how smooth & shiny they become because of friction, rubbing against each other, being exposed to the elements.
O Lord my God you hold my days in your hands - how great you are!




'Do not look for Jesus away from yourselves. He is not out there;  he is in you. Keep your lamp burning & you will recognise him.' 
                            Mother Teresa         


7.6.15.      Corpus Christi

How do we treat other people? In the film & stage musical of 'My Fair Lady' (George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion) there's a passage where Eliza Doolittle says to Colenal Pickering "The difference between a lady & a flower-girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated. I shall always be flower-girl to Professor Higgins because he always treats me like a flower-girl, & always will. But I know I can be a lady to you because you always treat me like a lady, & always will." That gives us food for thought. People aren't just what we see, how they're dressed etc. They're so much more; respect, encouragement & kindness brings out the best in everyone. Today on this beautiful Feastday of the Blessed Sacrament, we look on Jesus & He looks on each one of us, sees who we really are & loves us.




I do wish you could have sat with me by the pond for prayer yesterday evening, it was totally beautiful. There was a breeze & the birds were singing Vespers on the surrounding branches. Two of the ducks were enjoying a leisurely swim & all was at peace.

click on picture
& turn up the sound.


click on pictures


Our landscape can be like our moods, like our outlook. As these photos show there is great beauty even when our feelings are dark & menacing, somehow the light still shines through.


Today we celebrated the feast of the Holy Trinity & so tomorrow we will celebrate the feast of the Visitation, put back a day. We share in joy-filled gratitude with our sisters all over the world, for our vocations & for our holy Order of the Visitation.
God be praised!

'It is true that when we let go of everything, Our Lord takes care of all & manages all. We should let him lead the soul, which is his little boat, & he will bring us safely to port. Belong totally to God. Think of him & he will think of you. He has drawn you to himself so that you may be his; he will take care of you. Do not be afraid, for if little chicks feel perfectly safe when they are under their mother's wings, how secure should the children of God feel under his patronal protection.'
                                      St. Francis de Sales



A simple equation -
sun+rain =
grass growing very fast!
Sr Clare Chantal is trying her best
to keep it down,
but is she succeeding?




As we celebrate the feast of Pentecost today with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament all day, we rejoice in the election of our new superior, Mother Mary Joseph.  Please pray for her as she takes up the leadership of our community in this special year for Consecrated Life.