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Click opposite to meet our sisters of Southern Italy. Turn up the sound.

our sisters 


The Feast of St. George.
Patron Saint of England.

According to tradition St. George was a Roman solldier who was venerated as a Christian martyr. His feast is celebrated on April 23rd, which this year was Holy Saturday so it was changed to today. He is said to have been born between 275 AD & 285 AD. A favourite legend about him was his encounter with & slaying of a dragon. His tomb is in Lod, Israel.

'O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, & our most gentle Queen & Mother, look down in mercy upon England your Dowry  & upon us all who greatly hope & trust in you. By you it was that Jesus our Saviour & our hope was given to the world; & He has given you to us that we might hope still more. Plead for us your children, who you received & accepted at the foot of the Cross, O sorrowful Mother! Intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the chief Shepherd, the Vicar of your Son. Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith fruitful in good works we may all deserve to see & praise God, together with you in our Heavenly home'.

St George pray for us.


The Beatification of Pope John Paul ll

                     O Blessed Trinity,
we thank You for having graced the Church
with Pope John Paul II and for allowing
the tenderness of Your Fatherly care,
the glory of the cross of Christ,
and the splendor of the Holy Spirit,
to Shine through him.

Trusting fully in Your infinite mercy
and in the maternal intercession of Mary,
he has given us a living image of Jesus
the Good Shepherd, and has shown us that
holiness is the necessary measure of ordinary Christian life and is the way of achieving eternal communion with You.

Grant us, by his intercession,
and according to Your will,
the graces we implore...,
hoping that he will soon be
numbered among Your saints. Amen


The Royal wedding day

Our preparation for this joy-filled day began last night with a Holy Hour, then it was onto the more practical, such as table setting & flag hanging. See opposite. It has been  truly wonderful to join the millions of those who participated in the wonderful coverage of the wedding throughout the world.


Like many of you we have a busy weekend ahead, we're going to a wedding tomorrow & a beatification on Sunday! Praise the Lord for modern media which enables us to share in two such happy occasions. And how we are looking forward to it. We won't be celebrating with a 'street party' but with a 'monastery party'. Tonight we will have a Holy Hour to ask God's blessing on our Prince & his bride-to-be.


Some of our little lambs have been bottle-fed & so are very friendly. Sr. Clare Chantal went out to see them in the orchard on Easter Sunday, check opposite their short bursts of inquisitiveness that give us such joy.

lambs part 1

lambs part 2

lambs part 3




           Click below to see
  the beginning of our Vigil Service

  Part 1

  Part 2



Good Friday

'It is at the foot of the cross that we should remain always. It is the place where the imitators of our Sovereign Master and Saviour ordinarily abide. For it is from the cross that they receive the heavenly liqueur of holy charity. It streams out in great profusion from a divine Source, the bosom of our God's divine mercy" (Lenten Sermons of St. Francis de Sales).

Maundy Thursday

In our monastery garden there are wild places, there may be stones, there may be gravel, there may be grass, weeds or an old lichen- covered wall. Nearly always within this wildness we can find beauty. It grows without cultivation, is independant & sturdy, alone & apart, often small & insignificant, bringing hope & joy to a place of barreness. So it is within the wild parts of our hearts - there is always beauty, often unknown, unrecognised. Sometimes dormant, waiting to bring forth hope & promise to our lives. We walk these last days of Holy Week with Jesus in silent contemplation, we ask for the grace to seek out the beauty within our own wildnesses.

Click on the picture to view
 the wild pockets of beauty



Our Sacristan, Sr. Clare Chantal has arranged a lovely 'Easter Story in symbols' at the back of Choir.



We have lambs in the orchard, they are very frisky & very friendly. It's such a joy to see them under the apple blossom.



Palm Sunday

Today we begin Holy Week. We walk with Jesus the path of suffering. Uniting ourselves with Him means we also unite ourselves with all the suffering peoples of our world. Most of them will never hit the headlines of our newspapers, most of them have no face, no name, they suffer in silence & anonymity.




Click opposite to read a sermon St Francis de Sales gave on Palm Sunday 1615.

When we first arrived in Waldron 52 years ago the big field at the bottom of the lawn was covered with heather, so we promptly named it 'Scotland'. And so it has remained over the years although now it's hard to find a sprig of heather as cows & sheep have grazed there. It's interesting how & why we name things.

St. Francis de Sales sermon

Click below to read

the heather story

To meet our sisters of Poland, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, Germany & Croatia click opposite.
click here

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To meet some of our sisters from France, Belgium, Switzerland & Ireland click opposite.

Click below

our sisters of France, Belgium, Switzerland & Ireland

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Some more Lenten thoughts for you
from Our Mother.

more Lenten reflections

The cuckoo is here. Usually he arrives around April 17th, & is very punctual each year, but because of the warm spell we're enjoying he's come early & it's Spring at last!

turn up sound


Seeing a rainbow lifts our hearts & makes the day a better one. We all know the feeling of awe it invokes, we often go & find others to share   its beauty, we watch till it fades & disappears. Ancient peoples recognised the rainbow as a symbol of peace, love & freedom. Ancient Hebrews recognised it as a special sign given by God that He wants all living things to exist & flourish  in peace & harmony. In hebrew the word 'rainbow' means battle-bow, a warriors weapon. We can all read the scientific explanation of this optical illusion, this spectrum of light. But it's good to remember too that's it's the promise of God to all humankind, a covenant of grace. 'When the rainbow appears in the clouds I will remember the everlasting promise between me & all living beings'.      Genesis 9. 12-18

Click here for a
'Rainbow experience'


Click below to read

the rainbow legend


Our good friend, Ann, comes every few weeks to recharge her batteries in the peace & quiet of the monastery. While here she loves to help in the garden & in the kitchen. She is a an avid gardener & has an allotment at home where she grows her own vegetables. On her allotment lives Alice, her scarecrow. During the winter months we had Alice as a 'house guest', see opposite. Alice has her own website
check it out.

Click to read
'Ode to Alice'

The word 'halcyon' means peaceful, calm & tranquil. In his 'Introduction to the Devout Life', our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, when speaking of the 'Poor in Spirit', tells of the story of the Halcyon, a legendary bird which was said to have nested at sea & been able to calm the rough waves for the 7 days before & after the winter solstice. The Halcyon is akin to our modern day Kingfisher. Click on the picture to read what he says.


Do you know what has been discovered about the way geese fly in formation? We are surrounded by lessons of life, often where we least expect to find them. This is one little lesson for us today.


For everything there is a season;

a time to be born & a time to die,
a time to plant & a time to pluck up what is planted;

a time to kill & a time to heal,
a time to break down & a time to build up;

a time to weep & a time to laugh,
a time to mourn & a time to dance;

a time to throw away & a time to gather together,
a time to embrace & a time to refrain from embracing;

a time to seek & a time to lose,
a time to keep & a time to throw away;

a time to tear & a time to sew,
a  time to keep silence & a time to speak;

a time to love & a time to hate,
a time for war & a time for peace.'
Ecclesiastes 3. 1-13

The Church's year has 'seasons', as do we throughout our years. This is  celebrated in all of Gods creation. How fortunate we are to live in a climate which also has the blessings of 'seasons'. As we gaze out of the monastery window this is so evident with the passing months of the year.


Yesterday was a real Spring day, we had blue skies, sunshine & birds singing. The daffodils are out in full glory. Click opposite to see them. These beautiful daffodils bring hope to our hearts.

      'I wondered lonely as a cloud
            that floats on high
              o'er vales & hills,
     When all at once I saw a crowd,
         a host of golden daffodils;
     Fluttering  & dancing in the breeze'
                                   William Wordsworth

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds
 are the morning yawn'.
        Kathy Sue Loudermilk

click below

The Solemnity of St Joseph.

Today is the feast of St Joseph, the patron saint of the Universal Church & also the patron saint of Pope Benedict XVIth. We have been making a novena in preparation for this special day, as we do every year. 207 years ago today the Visitation was founded in England. You can read a short account of this on our 'Birth of the Order' page. Click opposite to read the beautiful homily Pope Paul V1th gave on this day in 1969.

Pope Paul Vlth's homily
15.3. 11.

Our Mother shared these Lenten thoughts with us a few days ago, & we in turn share them with you.

Lenton reflections


Found this on the 'net' & thought you'd all like to share it.

Click here for
 '40 ways for 40 days'.

We have begun our 40 days of Lent, a 6 week journey of contemplation, reflection, prayer & penance, in preparation for the celebration of the Resurrection. We are all called at this special time to repentance & conversion, & it's good in our busy world to perhaps slow down a bit & take time just to to be with God. St Francis de Sales wote a sermon on the 1st Sunday of Lent, February 13th 1622, click opposite to read it. Each day during Lent we say the Litany of the Passion, please click opposite to if you would like to say it with is.

St Francis de Sales

Litany of the Passion

Pancake Tuesday, & the sisters had a try at tossing them, some more successful than others! See opposite.

click here
for pancake tossing


To meet our sisters of Africa, Korea & the Lebabnon click opposite

our sisters

Turn up sound


In last Wednesday's audience the Holy Father spoke about our Holy Founder, St. Francis de Sales. Click opposite to read it.

Holy Father's address




Today is the first Friday of the month. We have a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus & each first Friday we have a community day of recollection & Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Each Sister has a time of adoration during the day. So much to pray for, so many intentions. Today is also 'Women's World Day of Prayer'. We unite ourselves with all those, who in over 170 countries throughout the world, will hold special services of reflection & prayer. The theme this year is 'Chile, How many loaves of bread have you?' Together we will bring the needs of the people of Chile before the Lord. Please join with us in thanking God for for all He gives us, while especially remembering today our less fortunate brothers & sisters of Chile.

Click here to read
St. Francis de Sales

To meet our sisters of the United States of America & Canada click opposite.

click below

Our sisters of
 the United States & Canada 

Turn up sound

           "The heavens proclaim
                   the glory of God
In those magical few minutes between dusk & nightfall the sky can become a true witness to the Majesty & Glory of God. Ablaze with colours that change as you blink & if you aren't quick enough you miss them. Here is God's art gallery that we enjoyed for such a brief moment this evening.


Throughout the world we have over 135 Monasteries. Click opposite if you would like to meet our sisters of South & Central America & Mexico. We haven't put all the Monasteries on as there are so many. As part of our 4th Centenary last year 2 new foundations were made, in Colombia & Uraguay. In honouring the mystery of the Visitation, each day we say a special prayer to Our Lady, see opposite, please join wih us in saying it.

Click here
 to meet our sisters

Turn up sound

Our Lady of the Visitation, Mother of God,
make a secret visitation to many hearts.

The first Jonquil have appeared, the yellow hues of Spring are beginning, that will bring with it a host of flowers, Daffodils, Primroses. Little spots of sunshine after the winter.

How swiftly the season of Spring arrives
after the eternity of winter;
Once sparkt the secret seed
contrives below the frozen ground
as the sunstar enters
the dainty jonquil from its sleep,
& thaws the aching heart of aching dread.

                            David Kirk

Yesterday the sun was shining in a clear, cold, blue sky, & everywhere was still. The birds were singing their first tunes of the year, practising for their big concert later on. The first snowdrops are now in flower, but the small greenhouse & the kitchen garden are bare, waiting, resting, for the first sowing. Spring is in the air, you can smell it, feel it, almost touch it.




Towards the end of last year Sue Gaisford, the literary editor for 'The Tablet' wrote an article about our life. Some of our friends didn't see it. Click opposite to read it.

Tablet article

Every year at our Epiphany recreation our 96 yr. old Sr. Francis de Sales used to sing a little ditty, "Count your blessings, count them one by one, & it will surprise you what the Lord has done." Isn't it true our lives are full of blessings if only we look for them. Nothing big, each day small gifts from God. Todays Gospel gives us the Beatitudes, making holy things that others may see as negative, a recipe for becoming holy. We have the first snowdrops popping up their buds, ponies grazing in our fields, & the sun is shining, these for us are blessings. May God send many blessings into your lives today, & may you recognise them & give thanks.


For the past few years there has been a Contemplative community of nuns next to the Vatican at 'Mater Ecclessiae', each remaining 3-5 years before returning to their monasteries. There have been Benedictines, Carmelites & Poor Clares. Since 2009 we have had a   community of Visitation sisters, coming from Spain, Italy & South America. On the 14th December 2010, for the close of our special 4th Centenary Jubilee year the Holy Father visited our sisters & celebrated an early morning Mass. They sent us a beautiful Power Point Presentation of this happy event. Click opposite to share it.

Click here to see our
sisters at the Vatican

turn sound up

It's always good to prepare for an important day & so last night we had a Vigil prayer service in honour of our Holy Founder, click opposite to see short exerpts.


part 1

part 2

part 3

 part 4

Tomorrow is the feast of our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, our gentle, humble Saint. Click opposite to read some of his writings & to see what he may be saying to you today. May he bless you & all those you hold in your heart.

Listen to
St. Francis de Sales

Today we begin the Novena to our Holy Founder, St. Francis de Sales in preparation for his feast on January 24th. Our Constitutions remind us that our Order was founded  'to give to God Daughters of prayer, to share in the evangelisation of the world by a hidden, apostolic fruitfulness, giving genuine witness to the fact that God is love'.           Const. Ch1.


"I say that we must neither ask anything nor refuse anything, but leave ourselves absolutely in the arms of divine Providence, without busying ourselves with any desires, except to will what God wills for us."
                       St Francis de Sales

If you would like to join in the Novena with us please click here

Tomorrow we begin the 'ordinary' time of the Church's year in the Liturgy. Is there ever an ordinary time in our lives? Each day is gift, each day has it's surprises, it's joys & pains. Each day is what we make it. "My life tomorrow will be the result of the choices I make today".
Feast of the The Epiphany

We begin this New Year with open, empty hands, searching for Jesus. Like the Wisemen we follow our 'star'. We know that we'll only find Him in the 'ordinariness' of our daily lives. We're all on this 'faith journey' & as we travel together in hope we are changed. What have we to offer Him, what will be our gold, frankincense & myrrh?

Solemnity of the Mother of God

And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:
"Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown!"
And he replied:
"Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.   That shall be to you better than light & safer than a known way."
So I went forth & finding the hand of God, trod gladly into the night. And he led me toward the hills & the breaking of day in the lone East.
                  by Minnie Louise Haskins  1908

'May the New Year
bring the warmth
of home & hearth
to you.
The cheer & goodwill
 of friends to you.
The hope of a childlike heart
 to you.
The joy of a thousand angels
to you.
The love of the Son
& God's peace to you.'
                       Mary McSweeney

                 CHRISTMAS DAY

'Venite Adoremus'
May the peace of Jesus reign in your hearts & find a home
with you.

Click here to share some
of our Christmas day

It's Christmas Eve, the Liturgy is prepared, we've sung our Geat O Antiphons. Now we wait in joyful expectancy to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We unite ourselves with all our sisters & friends throughout the world, we hold you all in prayer. May you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

If you are cold click her

Sr. Clare Chantal is beginning to sort out the Christmas decorations in the community room.


Our 4th Centenary Jubilee Year has finished. The Celebrations are over but the memories remain. Memories of a year filled with blessings & graces, memories of friendships & of beauty. We are grateful to all those who shared our special year with us
in so many different ways, & who gave us the opportunity to share our Salesian spirituality & life with them.


Today 5 very couragous ladies from our nearby village of Waldron ventured through the snow blizzards to give us a Christmas concert with their hand bells. It was much enjoyed by all although our singing wasn't very good! The bells are pitched very high & we seemed to find it impossible to hit the right notes! But Sr. Josephine Margaret got her big moment during 'Jingle Bells'! See opposite

Click below  

Away in a manger

As with gladness men of old

 Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Jingle Bells
The 3rd Sunday of Advent
Gaudate Sunday

'Rejoice in the Lord always'. Today at Mass the vestments are pink & we light the rose-pink candle in the Advent wreath. It is a day when we celebrate with joy in our hearts that the birth of Jesus is almost here.

click below


& Gaudate 2

We have blue skies & sunshine so are slowly 'defrosting'.


The days of Advent; a very special time when we are invited to go deeper into the mystery of the Incarnation. To walk in simplicity & allow ourselves to be transformed as we wait in the stillness, the darkness & the holiness of each present moment. May these days be for us & for you a blessed preparation, as our hearts resound
'Come Lord Jesus Come'.
We have had over 12 inches of snow & all around is muted in dazzling beauty. We have a winter wonderland. See opposite.

click to see our winter wonderland


Today we kept the Feastday recreation for our dear Mother, Sr. Jane Margaret. The 'theme' was bees, a favourite topic of our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales. It's always good to have an opportunity to say thank you, to share & celebrate community together in joy & laughter. We had dinner in the community room and enjoyed a log fire after a very icy start to the day.



It is the custom of our Order that each year on Nov. 21st, Feast of the Presentation, the Sisters publicly & individually renew their vows during Mass. This year because the 21st is also the Feast of Christ the King we are keeping it today. We unite ourselves with our Sisters throughout the world. For each it is a very special moment, renewing our commitment to 'Live Jesus' as Visitandines & Daughters of Prayer. Afterwards each Sister writes & signs her vows in the vow book.

click here to read
 Fr. Thomas's sermon

Remembrance Sunday

On the 2nd Sunday in November each year we keep Remembrance Sunday, a special day set aside to remember more than 1 million men & women from Britain & the Commonwealth who sacrificed their lives for us during World War 1, 1914 -1918 & World war 11, 1939 - 1945 & other conflicts. Services are held throughout the country & abroad and wreaths of poppies are laid to honour the dead.We wear a poppy to remember them. May they rest in peace.


As religious sisters we proudly wear our habit. Nurses, policemen, firemen and those in the military all wear a uniform that denotes who & what they are. Today at our monthly meeting of the Daughters of St. Francis de Sales, Geraldine showed us a gift she had received for her birthday - her 'uniform'. See opposite.


Our dear Sr. Francis de Sales, who is originally from Adelaide had a wonderful visit today from one of her great nephews who was visiting from Australia. What a blessing family is.

All Souls Day

Today, we remember especially all those we hold in our hearts who have died. We ask God to enfold them into the embrace of His Eternal Love. Our sisters, families & friends. We pray for those who have no-one to remember them & we pray for the souls of your loved ones during this month of November.

Death is not
extinquishing the light
but only putting out the lamp
because the dawn has come.

Croquet is a quintessential English game, see opposite how it was played many years ago, and then click on the little video to see how it's played at the Visitation Monastery on a very windy day!
croquet video


If you've watched the short Channel 4, TV video below from 30th September, you'll remember seeing Sr. Josephine Margaret showing Jay  Rayner a heart-shaped potato she'd dug up that morning. It was such a lovely symbol, & here it is, still firm. We are reluctant to eat it!

Sr Mary Joseph has arrived home  after 4 days in Moulins, where she has been  participating in the 'Colloque International'. Continuing the celebration of our 4th Centenary Jubilee this was a  symposiusm of the Art & History of the Visitation over the past 4 centuries. On Friday she presented a paper on the history of the Visitation in the United States with particular reference to the foundation of the monastery of Georgetown D.C.

 click below to see
the rest of the pictures

Moulin slide show

Today, during dinner we had a freak hail storm, with thunder & lightening & lashing rain. We thought the refectory roof was coming in, the noise was so deafening. Afterwards when we looked out, the ground was white over with balls of ice, very beautiful & very awesome.


Autumn days here at the  monastery are very beautiful, mixtures of blue skies, gentle sun, green & golden leaves that are beginning to flutter onto the soil. There's only a splash of bright colour here & there, all enfolded into crisp, cold days. Seeds, fruits, apples hanging in abundance in the orchards and the sheep peacefully enjoying the tranquility of it all.

16th October

Today is the feast of St. Margaret Alacoque, one of our sisters. She was born in 1647 in Burgandy, entered the Visitation at Paray-le-Monial in 1671 and died in 1690 aged 43 years. In 1675 she had a number of apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus where she was invited by Him to spread this devotion. It was in 1765 that Devotion to the Sacred Heart was officially recognised & approved by Pope Clement Xlll. Today, for us, is a 'holy' day. after a beautiful sung Mass we have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & adoration all day, where we bring to the Lord all those we hold in our hearts, YOU who are reading this page, our families, friends, all those who have asked our prayers and all those in our world who need our prayers.

click below to read

 Fr. Thomas's sermon at Mass today
30th September

Sister Mary Blog-arina is going into retreat tomorrow. Please pray for her - & watch this space!

The TV programme on 'Food' with our sisters was televised last night on Channel 4. It's only short.
     click opposite to view.

TV clip

27th September

If you want to know what the Holy Father thought of his visit to England & Scotland, read the lovely article on the right, taken from the Times, Thursday 23rd. by Richard Owen, the retiring Rome correspondant.

Click here
25th September

Today we are having a Harvest Festival, celebrating all the wonderful vegetables & fruits from our kitchen garden & orchards. In praising God for the abundance of His blessings, we remember also all those who help us to grow, pick, prepare & cook these foods, as well as all those of our world who today are hungry.

                click below to read
         Fr. Thomas's Harvest sermon
given at Mass this morning


19th September

Today Cardinal John Henry Newman was beatified in Birmingham by Pope Benedict XVI, see our Newman page for his links to our community.

17th September

Our dear Holy Father has arrived in England & at the crack of dawn Sr. Paul Miryam journied to Twickenham, to join Religious from all over the country who were invited to meet him. It had been hoped she would be able to present  a framed letter from Cardinal Newman, but this wasn't possible. Nevertheless Sister returned home with a memory beyond words & full of joy at the privilege she had had.

click here to hear about
Sr. Paul Miryam's special day

16th September

Today Catherine, from BBC Television came to interview Sr. Paul Miryam & Our Mother to be shown on BBC South East News this evening at about Cardinal Newmans letters that we have in our archives, &  Sr. Paul Miryams journey into religious life. Everyone that has visited us from the Media, be it newspapers or television have been delightful & a joy to meet.

click below

BC South news clip
15th September

Today our dear Sr. Paul Miryam celebrated her Silver Jubilee.
25 years of saying 'Yes' to the Lord.
We had a concelebrated Mass at midday with Fr. Michael, Fr. Thomas & Fr. Seamus, during which sister renewed her vows.

click below to view videos

    Sr. Paul Miryam renews her vows
    Bidding prayers at the Jubilee Mass


              Final blessing at Mass

11th-13th September

We welcomed Mary and Kathy from America, and Michael Moran from London, for a short visit. They are members of the Society of St. Francis de Sales, the female branch being the Daughters of St Francis de Sales & the male counterpart, the Sons of St. Francis de Sales. They met with our group of Daughters and the sisters and we had a wonderful 'Salesian' time together. God be Praised!

click below for

 Slide show

10th September

We have had the Channel 4 television crew here for a days filming in the kitchen garden and the extern kitchen. It's for the weekly series 'The Food Programme', which is about sustainabilty, growing your own vegetables & fruit, and making your own soup, bread, jams & yoghurt, also chopping & using your own wood. Our 'film stars' were Our Mother, Srs. Josephine Margaret. Mary Joseph & Clare Chantal. The rest of the sisters were 'hidden' extras! The videos are noisy because of the strong wind & you may need to turn your sound down or off.
                  click below
video 1
video 2

click below to see slideshow
 of visit

TV visit

8th September

Today is the Feast of Our Lady's Birthday and this evening we said a special rosary in Choir in her honour.

5th September

We have been given a new bread- making machine by a dear friend, here is Sr. Mary Joseph with her first loaf.

30th August

And yet more photographs, this time by Jim Holden. If you shared our day with us see if you can find yourselves.
                     click below

          Jims photos

Click here to see slide show

25th August

This morning at Mass Father Michael spoke about the beauty of nature all around us as being Gods art gallery. Early each morning the flowers of the Morning Glory open - see opposite - and lift our spirits with their beauty. Today was also the birthday of our dear Sr. Anne Jacqueline who will be returning to our monastery of Boulogne next week, so we had a little tea party in her honour.

22nd August

Our God is great & glorious, & yesterday we were showered with graces, blessings - & rain! Our Choir & Extern chapel were packed to overflowing as over 300 friends & relatives joined us for the celebration of our 4th Centenary  Mass. Our Bishop Kieron, 7 priests, Deacon David and our faithful friend & server Peter concelebrated a joyous Eucharist. The planting of an Acacia tree followed Mass & then everyone made their way to the Marquee for lunch. Despite a grey, dull day with a little drizzle at times, our hearts were full of sunshine & thanksgiving as we continue the journey begun by our first sisters 400 years ago. How blessed we are to belong to our Visitandine family, united throughout the world during this special year.

Click below to see slide shows

Part 1

Part 2

Mass entrance

Bishop Kierans welcome



Bidding Prayers



Agnus Dei

Ave Verum

 Ave Maria

Procession out of Mass

Our Mother saying
Thank you

Planting the Acacia tree
20th August

We're counting down the hours till our Celebration Mass tomorrow. The magnificant flowers have arrived and the lace is on the altar,  everyone seems is doing a 101 last minute tasks. The hole is dug for Bishop Kieron to plant a tree and now we pray for a little sunshine and hearts full of joy & gratitude.

19th August

In the Heritage room our Archivist, Sr. Mary Joseph has been busy setting up an exhibition of many of our treasures; very old books, photographs, documents, letters and embroidary plus a pictorial history of our 400 years.

18th August

Everywhere you look people are busy preparing for Saturday.

17th August

Today Paul came to put up the marquee we are having for the buffet lunch following the Jubilee Celebration Mass with our Bishop this coming Saturday. He was here all day in the rain, we didn't realize all the work involved as watched it grow step be step.

11th August

Tomorrow is the feast of our Holy Mother, St. Jane Francis de Chantal. This evening we held a  Vigil Service with music, prayer, readings and reflection, it was beautiful and after a dull day at one point a magical light streamed through the choir windows.

7th August

Today we joined, via video-link, with our sisters & friends in our monasteries  and other venues all over the United States for a live simulcast, to be with them for the 28th National Salesian Conference on the Spirituality of St Francis de Sales & St Jane de Chantal. The theme this year was the Visitation. It was wonderful and for over 6 hours we shared with them conferences by Fr. Joseph Chorpenning O.S.F.S., Dr. Wendy Wright and Fr. Joseph Boenzi S.D.B. The organiser was our good friend Fr. John Graden O.S.F.S. and Joanne Kinney.

 click here to see slide show

click below
 to view short videos

Dr. Wendy Wright 1

Dr. Wendy Wright 2

 Fr. John Gradens
4th August

Click below to read Ruth Gledhills article printed in the Times, of her visit to our Monastery.

                   Ruths article
3rd August

If you would like to hear Sr. Jane Margaret speaking to Jane Gledhill & playing the zither please click below.

2nd August

We've had a busy weekend. Jan Moir, a reporter from the Daily Mail newspaper came for a mini retreat and to write an article on the Visitation for her paper. On Sunday Stephanie, a photographer from the newspaper came to take pictures.

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1st August

Sr. Paul Miryam has received her official invitation to see the Holy Father in London when he comes in September. She will celebrate her Silver Jubilee just two days before his arrival.

31st July

The last day of July is here and during this month we have been blessed with an abundance of fruit; raspberries, strawberries, red, black & white currants, gooseberries and cherry tomatoes. Our sister jam-maker has been very busy making many good things, conserves, preserves and jellies.

16th July
Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Today we welcomed Ruth Gledhill, the Religious Correspondent from the Times newspaper with Rhoda & Susanna, both photographers, at the monastery. They are going to do an article for the Times on monastic life.

9th July

Our dear Sr. Francis de Sales celebrated her 96th birthday. We enjoyed a little tea party with her.

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1st July

We had the joy of welcoming our dear Sr. Anne Jacqueline today for a two month stay. Sister is from our Monastery of Loango, Africa & has been studying Accountancy & English in Boulogne, staying with our sisters there.
30th June

The last day of June, a glorious sunny, warm day with a good breeze, perfect for a gardening day with retreatants and friends. Click opposite to see how we got on.
(we really did do some work as well)
Gardening day          
June 29th
Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul

Yesterday evening two of our sisters represented us at the Induction ceremony of the Rev. David Charles as Vicar of the Anglican church of All Saints in our nearby village of Waldron. Our Mother & Sr. Clare Chantal enjoyed the beautiful Liturgy and great welcome they received.
June 24th

Today we had a delightful group of children from the Trefoil Montessori Farm School in East Grinstead, West Sussex. The only Eco school of its kind in the country which uses 100% green energy. This lively group of 14 year olds were doing a project on Religious Life. After seeing a slide show, armed with juice & biscuits they had a lot of questions.


June 1st - 10th

Mother Jane Margaret & Sr. Mary Joseph left for Annecy, France by Eurostar, very early in the morning.They were joining sisters who had gathered from all over the world to celebrate this special year & to be at 'La Sainte Source' for our Foundation day on the 6th June. They had a wonderful, unforgettable few days, praying, visiting different places where our first sisters had lived and most of all renewing friendships and making new ones. These were gracefilled days uniting our Visitation family. A beautiful Mass was concelebrated in the Basilica of the Visitation on June 6th, by the Bishop of Annecy.

       Click below to view short videos

      Our Mother signing the vow book

          in the Annecy Archives.

     Lunch at our monastery of Annecy.

      Exposition during the Vigil service
        in the Church of St Francoise.

       Magnificat in the chapel of our
             Monastery of Marclaz.   

     Remembering the anniversaries of
          our Monasteries & Sisters
           during this special year.  

        Violin played at the vigil by a
       Visitation sister from Belgium.

     Placing flowers at the Vigil service

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June 6th 
Feast of Corpus Christi


             We are 400 years old!
On Trinity Sunday, June 6th 1610 in Annecy, the Order of the Visitation was founded by St Francis de Sales & St. Jane de Chantal. We thank God for the graces & blessings of the last 400 years and as our Order continues to spread throughout the world, we look to the future in hope and joy.
                 GOD BE PRAISED


May  25th

Today we have three B's
luebells, Blackbirds and Bellringers.

Our bluebell woods have been a sea of
 blue/mauve flowers.

Our blackbird eggs have hatched in the Turn cloister and there are very large, very hungry chicks in a nest much too small for them.

Today we had the joy of welcoming the Hand Bell Ringers from our local Anglican church in Waldron. They gave us a wonderful recital of a medley of songs. We then had tea in the sunshine.

            Click here to view video

           Waldron Hand Bell Ringers

May 21st

A beautiful Spring day and we have lambs in our orchard.

May 20th

The good news is that we must have got the dates wrong! This morning we excavated the flower pot/ducks nest, and there is no sign of eggs or shell! So we think the commotion the other morning was that the chicks hatched and we missed it! What a pity we hadn't put a sister on sentry duty.
May 18th

We had hoped to be able to put a photo here like the one opposite, but sadly yesterday morning, very early, after much quacking, Dilly Duck disappeared and hasn't returned to her nest. We don't know if something frightened her, but we think she has abandoned her eggs.

May 16th

Dilly Duck is still patiently sitting on her clutch of eggs, we think it'll be another week before they hatch.  Can you spot her amid all the down & feathers she's lined the nest with?

May 8th - 13th

As part of our 4th Centenary Jubilee Celebrations we have had  a WONDERFUL retreat given by Fr. John Graden, an Oblate Father of St. Francis de Sales. He travelled over from the United States to be with us. Our Daughters of St Francis de Sales joined us as did a few other guests. It was a time of joy and blessing. We ended with a celebration barbeque

April 25th
Good Shepherd Sunday

Todays Gospel reminds us of God's loving care for us. We have a tradition in our community, on this day, each year, to specially thank our Superior for her care for us and to garland a shepherds crook with beautiful spring flowers.

April 20th

We have a family of ducks, one female and two males that have taken residence on our balastrade. The female has laid 3/5 eggs so far in one of the large flower pots after digging out a nest in the earth, surrounded by pretty flowers. Plenty more eggs to come yet - so watch this space!

April 4th - Easter Sunday

Alleluia! Easter Blessings surround us. We've enjoyed beautiful Liturgies and our Easter fire at the Vigil service last night set the fire alarm off three times!

March 22nd

It's time to say goodbye to our two Columban sisters, as Srs. Ana Margerita & Marta Matilde return to their Monastery of Pasto today. It's been a joy having them with us.

March 2010

To see the world in a grain of sand
and Heaven in a wild flower,
to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.
                            William Blake