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Last Sunday we celebrated Good Shepherd Sunday & as is our custom we flower-decked our shepherd's crook & thanked Mother Jane Margaret, our 'Good Shepherd', for her guidance & loving care.



We've all been having a bit of 'Duck Mania' these past few days culminating in the joys of yesterday when 13 fluffy ducklings hatched! Mrs Duck had begun laying her eggs on the feast of St Patrick so it was fitting that they hatched on the feast of St George! We hadn't realised that there were so many eggs but out the babies popped & they were very active right from the start. Some were reluctant to leave the nest but eventually Mrs Duck led them down to the pond to meet 'Daddy'  & they swam happily together.




Spring has arrived at last; we've had some very warm, sunny days interspersed with heavy April showers but the bluebells are showing off their beauty in the ancient woodls, the lambs are frisking and jumpng, there's an occasional bonfire and Mrs Duck, after surveying several properties has laid her eggs in one of the herb boxes in the monastery courtyard garden. She laid a top bed of soft downey feathers & has sat there patiently through wind & rain protecting her eggs & we eagerly await the brood hatching. Happy Spring to you all.



Another little video when our dear Sr Paul Miryam was on South East News together with Sr Jane Margaret in 2010.


On Sunday April 7th our dear Sr Paul Miryam went to God. At 97 years old she had enjoyed a long, interesting & varied life. Mother, Widow, Nurse & Nurse Tutor all her life, she was a Korean war veteran, stationed in Japan, a country she lost her heart to & she would love to regale us with her stories & anecdotes. Very loving, very caring & generous she was happiest when doing some act of charity for others. She was a true daughter of St Francis de Sales, filling her life with little acts of service done with very much love; we will miss her 'lived-in face' & gracious smile.
We praise & thank God for all she was to our community & to so many others to whom she imparted her wisdom. Much loved, we pray she is now in the loving arms of Jesus, her Lord & her God. May she rest in peace.
Click on the picture to see a short video of just after she went to see Pope Benedict XV1, to whom she had a great devotion, on his visit to Great Britain in 2010.




aster Blessings to our sisters throughout the  world and to our families and friends. May these days of joyous Alleluia's fill your hearts with joy and gladness.
 We keep you and all your intentions
in our prayers.


It's the Solemnity of St Joseph. Our good friends and neighbours, Paul & Martin have taken a video of the daffodils in our park. Despite great quantities of rain these golden trumpets have persevered and produced their annual display of beauty, raising our hearts in joy and thanksgiving. Click on the picture.



This week our good friends Graham & Issy brought over the fish from their pond for our pond. As well as the gold fish there was a 10 year old black one and a 20 year old white one! I'm sure they'll settle well and enjoy being 'Monastery fish'!



Time is for loving, sharing, praying  and atoning. Time is short! The future is not ours, now, the present moment is. We are called NOW to BE, to DO, & to SERVE. St Francis de Sales tells us 'to 'live in the present moment, accepting all that comes to us as being permitted by God.'
'Lord for tomorrow & its deeds
I do not pray,
Keep me my God from stain of sin,
just for today.'



This past week we were able to share in the funeral mass, by live stream, of our Vicar for Religious, Father Stephen Ortiger OSB, a monk of Worth Abbey. We will miss him, his sense of humour & fun, his care of the religious of our diocese. May he rest in peace in the glory of God's eternal love.



Yesterday, on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of our dear Sr. Josephine Margaret. We had mass at Holy Cross Priory, where she and Sr Paul Miryam are cared for, during which Sister renewed her vows. 60 years of religious profession is a great gift & we thank God for her commitment over so many years; we rejoice in God's grace that enabled her to answer His call with love and deep joy. One of the nurses told us that she looks forward to coming into work each day just to see Sister Josephine Margaret's smile light up the room. God be praised! Click on the picture opposite.



We all need to have a vision for the future, especially given present day circumstances. We must plan & be aware of and responsible for the future, but our hope and vision must not be just planted in the present. Life is not just memories & longing for the past, nor is it dreams and fantasies about the future. It is here & now, flowing with & from reality, in common with the earth, the universe, other people & ourselves. The snowdrops have popped up and each day we thank God for his blessings.



Having completed the Novena to our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, we will celebrate, this evening, 1st Vespers for his feastday tomorrow. In our world where there is so much violence, oppression & pain let's remember his words - 'Every morning before anything else ask God for gentleness of spirit.' Feastday Blessings to our sisters & friends throughouit the world.

     The measure of love
is to love withpout measure


Happy New Year! We come to share a few of our Christmas days with you. The sun is shining in a blue sky and we have a nasty virus in the monastery, a replica of this time last year! We flow through these 'beginning of the year feastdays' & look forward to the visit of the Magi at the weekend. May we humbly have our small gifts ready to offer Him at the start of this New Year. Please click on the picture opposite.



On this holiest of days we wish you
We remember you & all your intentions
 as we adore around the crib.
May our gentle God bring you love & walk with you this Christmas & into the New Year.



Do you know this beautiful poem by St John of the Cross, whose feast we celebrated this past week?
It seems so relevant for today's world. REJOICE - it's Gaudate Sunday tomorrow! Click on picture.



Here in Waldron it's raining leaves! I look out of the window to see golden, yellow and bronze leaves gently fluttering down, forming a wonderful carpet on the earth. At last the trees have had to let go, to accept that this is the cycle of their lives. This earth covering is a great treasure, keeping the soil warm, providing shelter for bees, moths, hedgehogs and so much else, as well as mulching the soil too. Nature abhors a vacuum; nothing is ever wasted, it is its own recycling plant over and over again!
Tonight at Vespers we begin the beautiful Liturgy of Advent, we let go of the 'ordinariness' of the Church's year and take up these short weeks of 'specialness'.
St Francis de Sales tells us to 'Pursue your aim gently and quietly, and by what you say and do, you must gently sow seeds and gradually plant holy inspirations and reflections.'



Tonight we go into our Tridium retreat before the renewal of our holy vows on Nov. 21st, feast of the Presentation. These days of prayer and preparation allow us to unite ourselelves with our sisters throughout the world as we all give thanks for our vocations and pray for the grace of perseverence. May we say our 'Fiat' as Mary did, that Jesus may be born again in our world of today.



And so on this feast of All Saints we find ourselves flowing into Autumn, November, a dark, crisp, winter month. The trees are holding onto their leaves this year and relishing the many heavy showers of rain. It's the month of the Holy Souls, when we specially pray for all those who have journeyed to God but still need our prayers to be completely united to Him. Our prayers can do so much; I read the other day "If you are too busy to pray, then you are busier than God wants you to be". Let's keep that in mind this month.



Our dear Sr Josephine Margaret celebrated her 92nd birthday yesterday and we enjoyed a lovely birthday tea with her. Click on the picture opposite.



Candles have always symbolised remembrance, goodwill & welcome. They show us the way. Not a dazzling bright light but a gentle, warm glow. They are alight because there is oxygen in the place where they're lit so they also denote life. Sr M Blogerina is going into her annual 12 day retreat so please pray for a candle to light her way, that the gentle days ahead may bring light & life to her heart & please pray for her conversion.



The sisters of Grace & Compassion, at Holy Cross Priory, are just 10 minutes drive away from us & this is where our dear sisters Paul Miryam & Josephine Margaret are now being cared for. Recently we had the joy of sharing the Silver Jubilee celebrations of 5 of their sisters; Srs Romilda, Julie, Rosily, Rani & Beatrice. It was a wonderful day, full of joy & gratitude & we are grateful to the sisters for the wonderful love & care they give our two sisters.



Last week Sr M. Teresa celebrated her 70th birthday; instead of our usual afternoon celebration we had a 'coffee party', any excuse to eat chocolate cake in the middle of the morning!


Here in the monastery we are fortunate enough to sing God's praises at least 5 times each day in the Divine Office & Mass, accompanied by the zither. We begin & end our day in praise & thanksgiving; we sing in our hearts as we work. That doesn't mean we are all wonderful singers, that we always hit the right notes, that we always manage to begin together. But as Walter Landor once said ' Music is God's gift to us, the only art of Heaven given to earth & the only art of earth we take to Heaven.' If we could but hear it, all of creation sings, music is the echo of our invisible world. How many ways do you praise God each day?



At Vespers this evening we begin the Solemnity of Our Holy Mother, St Jane de Chantal; later this evening we'll have a vigil service & hold you & all your intentions in our prayers before the Lord & our Holy Founders. We unite with our sisters throughout the world, may Holy Mother's feast be a time of blessings, graces & peace.



Friendship is a true gift & we've been friends for 67 years, since the day we all met at Our Lady's Convent school way back in 1956! We may be in different parts of the world, our lives may have taken very different paths but when we meet we pick up as though it was yesterday.
'True friendship is when friends
can walk in opposite directions
yet remain side by side.'



Laughter is a smile that has burst!


It's 'Rose time'. June is the month when roses are at their best; after months of careful pruning, of wondering 'did I cut too much away', of feeding the barren soil, now we have our reward.They don't have to be perfect, they each have their individual beauty & perfume. Seeing them in the cloister garden on our way to the Choir lifts our hearts & brings joy to our eyes.



Now all the Alleluias are over & we're back to being just ordinary folk in Ordinary time within the Church's year. Although it sounds like a contradiction 'ordinary' is in fact very special! The hum-drum routines of daily life which the majority of people on our planet are called to live each day; the little things that go unnoticed. It's the same for us in the monastery, although the month of June is star-studded with major feasts! So let's enjoy whatever each day brings us, seeing God in the washing up, in the baking & cleaning, welcoming Him in all who ring our door bell.



When you have been a consecrated Daughter of St Francis de Sales for 25 years then it calls for a celebration. We all send loving Congratulations to our dear Sheila & Geraldine for the faithfulness, prayerfulness & joy that they bring to our Waldron group of Daughters. God be praised!



What a wonderful Coronation weekend we enjoyed.  It was all so beautifully presented on the television & our dear Sue, one of our  affiliated sisters, joined us for the day. The sun didn't shine much but there was such a air of celebration, joy and 'togetherness' felt across the nation.  It made us proud to be British. God save our King.



Good Shepherd Sunday was the day we thanked our dear Mother Jane Margaret for her care of our community. As is  our custom we presented her with a flower-laden Shepherd's crook, decked with spring flowers.


Our hands are eloquent; they can reflect so much of what we are trying to express; some nationalities express themselves with their hands more than others. Do you remember the song 'You need hands', - 'You need hands to hold someone you care for', sung by Max Bygraves in 1958?
I think when Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel that she was to become the Mother of God she would have held out her trembling, empty hands in acceptance & in expectation of what would would fill them.
Today let us hold out our hands, empty & in expectation, saying our 'Fiat', & be amazed at God's response.




Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Wishing you Easter Blessings on this beautiful feast; may our Risen Lord fill your hearts with His Joy & Peace. May you know His gentle presence in your lives & may He fill your hearts with His love.



Last week we enjoyed a wonderful day of prayer given by Fr Paul Jennings. Our good friends the Sisters, Canonesses Regular of Windesheim, joined us in Patmos for prayer, Mass & a very calm & enriching few hours. The theme of the day was 'Women in the Bible', great characters with special vocations.



Can you hear our regal hosts of daffodils raising up their trumpets to praise the Lord?



The dark winter days are almost over and already we are filled with a promise of something that is beautiful, something full of wonder yet to come. Spring  - on the horizon, never disappoints us. Our daffodils are out in full splendour in the park & closer to home are pockets of delightful mini spring flowers lifting our hearts as we pass through the cloister. God be praised for His gifts to us. And of course there's always a bit of tidying up to be done!



We've enjoyed the week before Ash Wednesday, Shrove-tide, with days of recreation, pancake making, coconut bombs & home-made pizza creating. We've watched 'The Reluctant Convert' & 'Operation Mincemeat'. Now Ash Wednesday has come & gone & we have entered into these special days of Lent. A space in which we'll wait, we'll suffer along with so many others, we'll watch & pray, pause & ponder. No more Alleluias for a while, a changed Liturgy, changed hearts. A time to walk with God wherever he leads us, remembering that 'I am always in your presence, you are holding me by the hand'.
 Psalm 73.




Not many flowers bloom in February, however the tiny woodland plants that do appear brighten the landscape & our hearts. Wild Violets show off their purple blue petals & heart-shaped leaves in the coldest months. The Violet has been thought to symbolize modesty, faithfulness, everlasting love, innocence and remembrance.
In Christianity violet flowers  have symbolizd Our Lady's virginity & in the middle ages Monks called them the 'Herb  of the Trinity' because of their three primary colours - purple, yellow & green.
We are always thrilled to discover the first Violets popping their heads above the cold, barren soil. St Francs de Sales likened our Order of the Visitation to Violets at the foot of the cross, lowly, hidden and yet exuding a wonderful perfume, especially when crushed.



At First Vespers this evening we begin to celebrate the Solemnity of our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, we unite in love & prayer with our sisters throughout the world & with our many Salesian friends. May our Holy Founder walk with you in this coming year and may you respond daily to his invitation to 'Live Jesus'.



Christmas is over and for us it was a time of virus's, cough, cough, cough, in company with so many others; the whole community succumbed to the bug! But now 2023 has dawned, we have recovered and are ready to journey forward into this New Year to wherever and whatever the Lord has in store for us. God be praised!



Wishing you all many blessings for a Happy Christmas. May the New Year be kind to you & bring you good health. We keep you & all your loved ones in our prayers around the crib.



'In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan';
the words of that well known Christmas carol have resonated with so many during these past few days of severe weather, frost, ice & snow. The extreme cold has meant that the snow, which fell over a week ago, is still on the ground, very beautiful & now solid ice! Take care when you venture out.



Last weekend we welcomed our group of Daughters of St Francis de Sales & we enjoyed an afternoon with carols & tea. Sarah played her guitar to accompany us as we laughed, sang and shared friendship.



Each year, on this beautiful feast of the Presentation, we unite with our sisters all over the world in the public renewal of our holy vows at mass. We give thanks to God for our vocation to serve Him as Daughters of Prayer in the church. We remember you in our prayers as we adore before the Blessed Sacrament all day. God be praised!



The autumn leaves are changing colour & falling, reminding us how good & necessary it is to just let go from time to time. Usually there's no big tumbling of leaves just a steady surrender, a gentle fluttering of autumn beauty leaving a canopy of bronze colours on the ground. It's not always easy to let go but change occurs whether we like it or not. This evening we go into our 3 day Tridium retreat for the renewal of our holy vows on Monday 21st November, feast of the Presentation. May we have the grace, during these days of retreat, to gently let fall all that may hinder us on our heavenward journey.



Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord & may perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace.


As we thank God for her Visitandine vocation  & her presence in our community, we celebrated a special birthday during the month of October when Sr Clare Chantal kept her 50th birthday! Of course it was a good reason for a tea-party. Please click on the picture opposite.


When Sr Paul Myriam gets to heaven the first
thing she'll ask is 'Can I do anything for you?' This is her daily mantra in the monastery! Sister will be 96 on Christmas day & is a real example to all of us of a truly generous spirit. She likes nothing better than helping one of the sisters in the refectory or with ironing & sewing, her speciality is darning! We thank God for the privilege of caring for our elderly sisters in community.



Tonight Sr M. Blogerina goes into retreat for 12 days. Please pray for me, I will be thinking of you all. Watch this space! 


There's definitely an Autumn nip in the air but we are still bathed in sunshine most days & have had, thankfully, some good downpours of heavy rain. The result is that everywhere is still looking green & lush, the leaves aren't falling early as we thought they might because of draught. Autumn is a good time for us too to shed our leaves, to prune & cut back our desires & our busyness. It's a great year for apples, the trees are laden & heavy with fruit, so let us prepare our lives in readiness for the new fruit that God can produce in us, if we allow Him.



Eternal rest grant unto our dear Queen Elizabeth O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.
We loved her in life and now she is in the eternal arms of our God of love.


'The road is long
with many a winding turn,
that leads us who knows where,
but I'm strong,
strong enough to carry him.
He ain't heavy
he's my brother.'



Some of you may remember the song 'He ain't heavy, he's my brother', which among others was a hit for Neil Diamond in 1970, it is still often played on the radio. Sometimes it is easier & less of a load to come to the aid of those we know & love but perhaps we are also called to help the stranger, anyone in need, whoever knocks on the door of our heart today.


How we need to hear these beautiful words of Pope Francis today, taken from his 'Fratelli Tutti' encyclical.
'How important it is to dream together; by ourselves we risk seeing mirages, things that are not there. Dreams, on the other hand, are built together. Let us dream then, as a single human family, as fellow travellers sharing the same flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her beliefs & convictions, each of us with his or her own voice, brothers & sisters all.'



Letting go is not necessarily getting rid of, it's letting be. We all have 'stuff' we need to get rid of, some of it in the real sense of getting rid of, throwing out, but mostly it's just the acceptance of - it is what it is. As our years progress this 'letting be' becomes a large part of our daily lives, situations change, we have limitations both in mind and body & we can't always do all we'd like to, we have to let go. Our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales tells us to 'Bloom where we are planted' & in our twilight years, wherever we find ourselves, we can still become something beautiful for God.




The website has been sick for a couple of weeks but thanks to our wonderful 'Computer-man' Steve Greenbank, we are now up & running once again! Praise the lord!



We meet with our Julian group in Patmos every first Wednesday of the month & this past week as well as uniting with Julian of Norwich, celebrating with prayer, quiet time & sharing, we were also able to celebrate Mary's birthday with cake & festive fare! Praise the Lord for friendship & faith,



Our wonderful neighbours Paul & Martin, who now live in our former monastery, have been busy transforming it. The latest project has been the 'Italian Garden'. For those who remember our grounds this is on the way to  where the cemetery was, by the Rhododendrons, in front of Our Lady Help of Christians. It is very beautiful & a delight for us to see our grounds so loved & cared for.



A bit of summer joy on our pond yesterday!



Each Saturday we honour Our Blessed Lady at Mass and in the Divine Office. As we crown her, sing to her, pray through her intercession & face the difficulties of each day, let us put into practise the words of our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, "Let us run to Mary, and as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence."


24.6.22.    Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

We wish you many blessings on this beautiful feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May He enfold you in His love, Mercy and Compassion. We have Exposition & Adoration all day so will take you to Jesus in our prayers.