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Another view of our new home to be. Click on the picture opposite. We went down to walk round at the weekend. There's still a lot to be done but it's all taking shape. The Outreach building should be finished first & will be such a good space for groups & retreatants.




Here's the latest update on St. Josephs. It's looking good, we can see big changes now every time we visit. Still a lot to be done, but the heavy work has prgressed well, & the Outreach building is going to be amazing! And that's where we're going welcome YOU!


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The inside of the monastery is taking shape,
we are beginning to plan the rooms a little now. There's still some way to go & sometimes it's hard to believe that this will be finished in 8 weeks. Click the picture opposite.



Yesterday the frame for the Outreach building was lowered into place by a crane. It's getting exciting now, seeing how the project is growing. The Outreach building - yet to be named, is where we will hold meetings. ie. our monthly meetings of the Daughters of St Francis de Sales, where resident retreatants can go & where we'll welcome day retreat groups etc.
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Another update on our new home. Although a few weeks behind things have gone well & each week we see a tremendous difference in the building. The retreat rooms are now up as is the refectory, these are both the new extensions. The rooms on the top floor have been created, new windows have been put in & the doors have been delivered; next week the new kitchen will arrive. It's still not easy to envisage the finished building but it is taking shape. Click on the picture opposite.



Progress is being made at a good pace. The two extensions which will house the two retreat rooms on one side, & the refectory on the other are now there to see, plus lowering the roof to create a whole new floor. Click on picture.



At recreation on Sunday we ventured down to the building site that is to be our new home. At least the mud was dry & we were able to squeeze through the barricades. Work has really progressed well & we can see a huge difference. Thanks to John & Ollie the pond is beginning to look beautiful, trees & bushes have been cut down & trimmed. There's still an enormous amount to be undertaken, but step by step it is being done. So we praise the Lord for that. Click opposite on the picture to catch up.



We have plenty of mud! Our workmen don't seem to notice that life is full of mud & puddles. They are working hard & each time we go down to the site there is so much difference. It's all about the foundations at the moment, in many areas, digging down. It's hard to envisage our parlour, looking at the space right now, see opposite.


The Outreach building will be in the orchard, a little way along the path from the main monastery. In some of the pictures you will see 'Sr Mary Outreach' already making herself at home in it!



The workmen have made their own enclosure. For us, at the monastery, St Josephs is now 'out of bounds'. We can't just wander down as we used to, we have to go the long way round, along the outside road & through what will eventually be our new entrance, find the site office & then locate the site manager, Alan. He will then give us hard hats, boots & any other protective clothing. All in the name of health & safety. The bats have been moved over the past 48 hours, very few were actually found, some having died during the extremely cold spell. Those that did survive are now safely ensconced in their bat boxes - we hope!  




Welcome to Bat-in-ham Palace We're nearing the end of the 'Bat build' The next step will be the transfer of the bats to their new home. Hopefully they will stay there & not try to return to the main St Joseph building. April 8th is the date work should begin on the monastery.




It was warm & sunny with a real touch of Spring in the air, even the birds were singing. At recreation we went down to St Josephs to see how the Bat Loft, the Hibernacula, was progressing. Initially we'd had snow which had delayed the work, then came the rain. The ground is mud, mud, mud & quite slippery to walk on. There are huge turrets of muddy clay & we had to be careful where we put our feet. But the Hibernacula is taking shape & will be a dwelling fit for a king never mind 19 bats!



This week work has started to build the Hibernacula (Bat loft) By law the 19 bats found in the roof of St Josephs are highly protected. Everything is done on their behalf, to ensure they have a new home without too much disruption to them. Once the Bat Loft is constructed they will be placed in their new home, by hand. The bat's 'maternity season' is from May 1st to the end of August. We hope to re-house them in March, then work can commence on the new monastery.