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Daughters of St Francis de Sales

“My purpose is to instruct those who live in town, within families or at court, to lead a devout life.”
Introduction to the Devout Life St Francis de Sales 1609


On a regular basis, usually monthly, we welcome to our monastery our group of ‘Daughters of St Francis de Sales’. These women are a lay branch of the Salesian Family belonging to The Society of St. Francis de Sales, an international group of men and woman who are responding to the Church’s universal call to holiness, each according to their specific state of life. After a two year formation, the members make an Act of Consecration committing themselves to be witnesses of the Gospel message in their daily lives as they aspire to ‘live Jesus’ in the spirit of St Francis de Sales.

It is with joy that we journey with our particular group of ‘Daughters’ as we share together the richness of our Salesian heritage.

“All Christians in any state or walk of life are
called to the fullness of Christian life and
to the perfection of love . . .”

Lumen Gentium


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Society of St. Francis de Sales


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