Monastery of the Visitation

An old Chinese story tells of a farmer whose only horse runs away.
"How terrible!" says his neighbours. "Maybe!" says the farmer.

The next day his horse returns bringing along 3 wild horses.
"How wonderful!" says his neighbours. "Maybe!" says the farmer.

The following day one of his sons tries to tame one of the wild horses,
but he falls off & breaks his leg. "How terrible!" say his neighbours.
"Maybe!" replies the farmer.

The next day some soldiers come along to force young men in the village
to join them in war. Because the lad has a broken leg he is left behind.
"How fortunate!" says the neighbours. "Maybe!" says the farmer.

The soldiers, still one man short, take the young man's cousin instead.
"How dreadful!" says the farmer's neighbours. "Maybe!" says the farmer.

That night a landslide covers the house in which the cousin would have been sleeping
if he had not been taken by the soldiers.
"How fortunate!" say the friends. "Maybe!" says the farmer.

And so the story could go on! One of life's great lessons is this:
we're never sure just how things are going to turn out.
We'll live a good life if our attitude is always positive,
determined to make the best of all situations that come our way.

'Lord open our eyes to see & know that You are with us
in good times & in bad times, that nothing will ever separate us from Your love.
Give us a positive attitude that we may always
seek & find the best in all people & in all situations.'