Monastery of the Visitation


You may be a state trooper, you might be a young Turk,
you may be the head of some big TV network.
You may be rich or poor, you may be blind or lame,
you may be living in another country under another name.

You may be a construction worker working on a home,
you may be living in a mansion or you might live in a dome.
You might own guns & you might even own tanks,
you might be somebody's landlord, you might even own banks.

You may be a preacher with your spiritual pride,
you may be a city councilman taking bribes on the side.
You may be in a barbers shop, you may know how to cut hair,
 you may be somebody's mistress, may be somebody's heir.

Might like to wear cotton . . might like to wear silk,
 might like to drink whisky, might like to drink milk.
You might like to eat caviar, you might like to eat bread,
you may be sleeping on the floor, or in a kingsize bed.

But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed,
You're gonna have to serve somebody.
It may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you're going have to serve somebody.
You can't serve two masters. Which have you chosen?
                                                                                                     Gotta Serve Somebody - Bob Dylan 1979