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The sun is out in a blue sky, the birds are singing & the little spring flowers are popping up everywhere. Our hearts & souls are lifted by God's beauty in spring. What's not to dance about?


We are all unique, we are all special; in God's eyes we are all precious. Our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales says that we must 'Be who we are & be that well'. We should treasure our differentness. Jesus turned the Disciples' world upside down & He does the same to us, but that's okay because we've said 'yes' & we love Him.



Today for us is March 25th as we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation! For us it is a 'Sunday' with adoration before the Blessed Sacrament all day as we rejoice with Mary in our 'Fiat'  & more so as we also celebrate today Sr Jane Margaret's Pearl Jubilee of profession & the Solemn Final Profession of three of our Vietnamese sisters in our monastery of Caen.
God be praised!



Click on the picture to share our Easter days.

1.4.18.     Easter Sunday

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Easter Blessings,
 love & prayers to you all.


25.3.18.                    Palm Sunday 

And so the most holiest of the Church's weeks begins; we are in retreat from tonight onwards & will remember you all in prayer. We wish you a very blessed & grace-filled week. Click on picture.


         'Blessed is he who
comes in the name of the Lord'


This past week we celebrated World Down's Syndrome Day & among the many articles printed I read this - click on the picture.


To see the Carpool Karaoke
of Mums & their children
go to the link below


Yesterday Sr Columba, an Augustinian sister of Mercy & our dear friend of over 30 years, visited as she was over for a few days from Ireland. It was so good to see her & to catch up on news. God is good to give us such faithful friends. Click on the picture.


                           St Joseph

214 years ago today 3 French sisters, originally from our monastery of Rouen, came over from Portugal, where they had fled during the French Revolution, & founded the Visitation Order in England. They had a perilous journey, encountering pirates but by grace & in great trust they persevered. Originally 6 sisters had left our monastery of Lisbon in an English packet ship & while at sea they were attacked by pirates; their lives were spared because they were French, not English! They returned safely to Vigo in Spain; after a brief stay they attempted a second crossing & this time were successful, arrivng in Falmouth 29th January 1804, the old feastday of St Francis de Sales. They later journied to Acton where the first Monastery of the Visitation was established on the feast of St Joseph 1804.



Lent is a good time to enter into & to practise silence; there isn't much of it in our world today, it's as if we're frightened of it; we always have to have the ear phones in, the music on, the constant chatter. Yet there is a great call to silence for all of us. Nature itself thrives in silence, all that grows does so in silence, often unheard & unseen. In a few days it will be the feast of St Joseph, truly a man of silence. John O'Donohue puts it beautifully.  Click on the picture.



Those who are familiar with the writings of our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, know that bees figure prominently in the examples he uses to illustrate different aspects of the spiritual life. During these weeks of Lent we share an exerpt from his homily on Ash Wednesday, 9th February 1622. It highlights his affection & admiration of bees.
Click on the bee.



Greetings from our winter wonderland on this feast of St David. More snow is promised today & tomorrow but we are fortunate we don't have to venture out to work in these conditions, as many do. Keep safe & warm.



St Francis de Sales was all about balance, so he would encourage us to have a balanced view of fasting & feasting during Lent. He would advise us to spend these weeks of Lent in a meaningful & joyful way. Click on picture opposite to see some ideas from William Ward, an American Pastor & Novelist.



Our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, told us to 'bloom where you are planted', I think that's exactly what God whispered to these trees! How wonderful is nature in it's courage & beauty.

14.2.18.                Ash Wednnesday

Lent is all about love, so it's apt that Ash Wednesday this year falls on St Valentines day. We may spend the next 6 weeks giving something up or trying to achieve something positive, but perhaps a good challenge would be to just 'let God love us'! Edwina Gately puts it beautifully in her poem. I wish you a very blessed & prayerful Lent.



A bit of fun & laughter helps with
the clearing up after supper during
this Shrove-tide. 



. . . . and again today. There is a 'hush' in the air as the snow gently falls, blanketing the earth; some poor daffodils are trying to make an appearance but are now heavily weighed down by snow! It certainly is magical to see.



Look what we woke up to this morning, so beautiful but gone by midday. Hope you are all managing to keep warm.



The word 'Eucharist' means thanksgiving; how blessed are we who live in a monastery where the Holy Eucharist is preserved.  Henri Nouwen tells us that to live a Eucharistic life has everything to do with gratitude; for us as contemplatives, the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament, is the centre of our lives, our raison d'etre. On all big feastdays we celebrate by having Exposition & adoration of the Blessed Sacrament all day, as we do each 1st Friday of the month & each evening for prayer after Vespers. We live our lives in gratitude to a God who lies hidden in a small wafer of bread; who does not impose Himself on us but patiently waits for us to come before Him.





Tomorrow we celebrate, with our sisters all over the world, the feast of St. Francis de Sales, beginning at first Vespers this evening. Together we give thanks for our vocation within the Church, we ask Our Holy Founder to bless our communities that we may each 'Live Jesus' where He has called us to be, & to enfold within that calling all those who journey with us in love & faith. We remember you all in prayer.



? Sorry self-portraits!!! 

Apart from many days of cold & flu bugs to start this new year, we have also enjoyed a visit from the Waldron Pealers who came to play their hand bells one afternoon. It is such a skill, the ladies are so lovely & we thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Thank you for sharing  with us, see you next year!



Another year, another page! In Jimmy McGovern's TV programme 'Broken' each time the priest met with someone he would light a candle, as he said 'To show that Christ is here with us'. Every Sunday morning on Radio 2, Rev Kate Bottley lights a virtual candle 'In remembrance of people we love'. That little flickering flame can mean so much to so many, it can be a symbol of many different things, lighting up for just a few seconds, the needs we carry in our hearts. On New Year's Eve we lit our candles & in a short Vigil we gave thanks & praise to God for all the blessings of the old year & our 'Fiat' & hopes of what this New Year will bring. In your heart today light your candle, pray to be a light for someone else this year; it doesn't have to be a strong flame, it can flicker & be barely visible, but we will never know what it has meant for others.