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? Sorry self portraits!!! 

Apart from many days of cold & flu bugs to start this new year, we have also enjoyed a visit from the Waldron Pealers who came to play their hand bells one afternoon. It is such a skill, the ladies are so lovely & we thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Thank you for sharing  with us, see you next year!



Another year, another page! In Jimmy McGovern's TV programme 'Broken' each time the priest met with someone he would light a candle, as he said 'To show that Christ is here with us'. Every Sunday morning on Radio 2, Rev Kate Bottley lights a virtual candle 'In remembrance of people we love'. That little flickering flame can mean so much to so many, it can be a symbol of many different things, lighting up for just a few seconds, the needs we carry in our hearts. On New Year's Eve we lit our candles & in a short Vigil we gave thanks & praise to God for all the blessings of the old year & our 'Fiat' & hopes of what this New Year will bring. In your heart today light your candle, pray to be a light for someone else this year; it doesn't have to be a strong flame, it can flicker & be barely visible, but we will never know what it has meant for others.