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The bees have made themselves at home, it's fascinating to watch them industriously coming back to the hive covered in pollen or carrying little yellow pollen sacks.

Tomorrow we have our elections for a new superior & then we'll be in retreat preparing for the wonderful feast of Pentecost. Please pray for us as we will for you.

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A bee is never as busy as it sounds;
it's just that it can't buzz any slower!


Our Holy Founder St Francis de Sales asked that our Superiors serve a mandate of 3 years, they may be re-elected for a further 3 years before relinquishing the office. Our Mother, Sr. Jane Margaret has now completed her 6 years of faithful service to our community & yesterday she came 'out of office'. For a few days we are 'motherless'.  We have elections for our new Superior next Wednesday, the 20th May. Please join with us in prayer to the Holy Spirit at this very special time. We are deeply grateful & indebted to Sr. Jane Margaret for her wise, untiring & selfless leadership over the years; it has been a time of growth & change in so many ways, a time of challenge & blessing.


'We ask a special blessing on our dear Mother today as we thank God for her years of wise counsel & guidance of our community. And as she has constantly inspired us to be true Daughters of Prayer & Daughters of Holy Mary, we pray we may all go forward in union of hearts, fervour & fidelity in our Visitandine vocation. We ask Our Lady, our Holy Founders & our first Mothers to continue to be a special presence in her life, & inspire her in her call to be Sponsa Christi.'

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 Our Mother's last Chapter

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Fr. Jim's deposition talk




Yesterday evening Our Mother, Sr. Jane Margaret, dressed as though she was off on some inter-galactic moon walk! In reality she went to our park to welcome the swarm of bees. Yes, the Waldron monastery bees have arrived. Watch this space for updates.


The busy bee has
no time for sorrow!
           William Blake


Last Saturday we welcomed our  Assistant General,   Fr. Francois Corrignan, a priest of St Francis de Sales, Fr. Lou Fiorelli, an Oblate priest of St Francis de Sales & Mike Moran of the Society of St. Francis de Sales. Together with our group of Daughters of St. Francis de Sales we welcomed Sue Cash as an Affiliated Sister of our community at Mass, then spent a happy day together. Fr. Francois stayed until Monday when he returned to France.




You have 3 options:
Is our Sr. Postulant in trouble (deep water) already?
Is she off for a dip in the pond?
Is she about to show her life-saving skills?

Actually the ring & notice are on their way to be put by the pond, as a safety precaution.




There is something quite special about looking through the new green growth in the woods & seeing a purple/blue hue, like a hazy sea. Yes, it's bluebell season again & they're out in full splendour.

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On Saturday, Isabelle & Connor McLoughlin made their 1st Holy Communion in Patmos. Our chaplain, Fr Jim, a great friend of the family, celebrated the beautiful Mass, attended by family & friends.


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A few weeks ago, in March, Sarah visited us; a lovely young woman from the United States who was studying in France as part of her college course. Due to return home in May after several months, she wanted a few days 'monastic experience'. She had travelled to so many other countries during her time abroad & to keep her family & friends up to date with all she had been doing she created a blog of her adventures. This is what she wrote about her visit to Waldron. We thought you might like to share her experience as a 'retreatant'.



Sarah selfie!

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Yesterday was a day of portraits & signs. The portraits of our first mothers have been hung in the refectory, the same, though slightly larger, as the ones we had in the Heritage room up at the old monastery; already they look very at home. Then the Monastery & Patmos signs were put up outside so now no-one will get lost & you'll know where to come when you visit!


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In union with our brothers & sisters all over the world please join with us in this prayer for the people of Nepal. We hold them in our hearts before the Lord.

For those affected by the Nepal earthquake.

Merciful & loving God,
we pray for our sisters & brothers in Nepal,
for those who have died
and for those who mourn.
We ask that, through your grace,
you may bless and comfort your people.
For those who are afraid;
bring peace,
for those who are toiling to save,
bring strength,
and for those who are lost;
bring shelter under the shadow of your wings.
Open our hearts Lord,
help us to be with your people
through our actions and prayers,
as we hold onto hope in you.
Through Christ Our Lord.   Amen.
                                      Rachel McCarthy  CAFOD




Throughout the history of our community we have kept bees & produced our own honey, although not for several years. Now we have our first hive again & the swarm will be be coming in a few weeks  -  so watch this space for the busy bees of Waldron!




Yesterday we had a recreation day, owing from March when we had Mother Jane Margaret's feastday, but being Lent we didn't celebrate.  We made up for it with a great barbeque; rain in the morning but then the sun came out & we enjoyed a very warm afternoon.


   please click on picture


The greenhouse is working hard, bringing to life the contents of our old seed packets, & they are doing well. As you can see there's still a bit of sorting & clearing to be done; we found lots of treasures for the garden & everywhere is beginning to look pretty. Click on the picture.




How does he do it? It's such a wonderful mystery! Yesterday we had blackbirds & other song birds praising the Lord with their beautiful trills, today the 17th & so traditionly right on time, we have the Cuckoo! Each year on the 17th he re-appears, do you think he has a look in his diary & says " Nearly the 17th, I'm due in the U.K."!



Another beautiful day & Srs. Josephine Margaret & Anne are busy washing the greenhouse. As you can see we now have a very smart path to it in comparison with the previous mud walk way!






A 'catchup' of pictures to share with you what has been happening over the past few months; from Christmas blessings, tossing pancakes, creating a new kitchen garden, friends visiting, retreat days in Patmos, new chapel floor, lighting the Easter fire & Doreen entering & becoming Sr. Anne! Please click on picture opposite.


After 5 months without our blog - we are back! Praise the Lord!
We had severe problems with our web-site but our wonderful computer man -Steve- has put that right, so hopefully we are now back on track.
Some of you will know that we have continued on FaceBook, so you can catch up with our news there. So much seems to have happened over the past few months but today we'll start with the NOW!
Since Easter we've ben enjoying beautiful spring-like days, warm sunshine & everywhere new life is springing up. The park & the rest of our grounds are alive with daffodils, primroses, wood anemones & so much beauty. The birds are singing their hearts out & some of the sisters are now busy out in the garden. The onion sets are in in our new kitchen garden, the green house is up & it's all systems go!




Tonight we go into our Tridium retreat before the renewal of our vows on Friday, feast of the Presentation of Our Lady. We will remember you & all your intentions, please say a prayer for us. 


On a windy, dark November day I went round to see what autumn was looking like in our grounds. After so much rain the pond has, at last, filled right up; the trees are shedding their leaves so that when we look out of the community room we can see through the ancient woodland at the back. The park is looking good after its brush-cutting session, & everywhere is becoming quieter, more tranquil, as if preparing for the the winter months ahead. The squirrels are busy foraging for what they can find to store in their winter pantries, & it reminds us that in a few weeks we too will be in the beautiful season of preparation, the season of Advent.