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click pictures to see more and to enlarge


What a wonderful weekend we have shared,
Pentecost Sunday & celebrating our dear Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We have joined with our nation & far beyond in thanking God for all she is for us. Click on her picture.



Yesterday we had the joy of holding the Consecration Mass for one of our Daughters of St Francis de Sales. It was a wonderful day full of blessings, a beautiful Mass presided over by Fr Hugh Dutton, during which Mela recited her consecration and received her medal. Click on the picture opposite to share our day in pictures and on the video link to see two small videos.

click picture for photos

click here for videos



This past week we welcomed Fr Paul Jennings as he shared with us a wonderfully gentle, thoughtful day of prayer; our dear friends, the Canonesses Regular of Windesheim joined us which made the day even more special. The sun shone, the birds sang & we were all very blessed.
As tradition recalls us each year, yesterday, being Good Shepherd Sunday, we decked our shepherd's crook with flowers and sang 'All in an Springtime morning', to thank Our Mother Jane Margaret for  her 'shepherding' of our community. These 'family' traditions, handed down over many years within our Order & community are precious to us.
This morning the baby starlings that are nesting in our walls were singing for their breakfast, usually 4 make an appearance but of course because the camera was pointing at them only one popped out!




We invite you to take a spring stroll around our grounds; to see the bluebells, the primroses, and the amazing wood anemones; to sit by the pond, watch the ducks & listen to the birds, although as yet, no cuckoo! To praise the Lord in nature.
Click on Parts 1 & 2.

Part 1

Part 2



Sharing some of our Easter days with you.
Click picture opposite.



Easter Blessings
to you all.
May you know God's Love, Mercy and Compassion in your lives. May He gift you with Joy and Peace during these Easter days and always.


This is a poem composed by a young Somalian girl, a writer and poet. It tries to express the heart of a fleeing refugee; but is it possible to express the fear, the pain, the anguish and yet hope of so many in our world today? Click on picture.



Yesterday, Laudate Sunday our Bishop Richard Moth came to say midday Mass for us and our beautiful pink vestment had one of its bi-annual airings. Made by our monastery in Rouen, France, our monastery of foundation, this vestment came to us when they closed in the late 1960's. Click on picture.



At 5.30pm on this beautiful feast of Our Lady's Annunciation, we will go to our shrine of Our Lady of Fatima and with Pope Francis make the Act of Consecration to Our lady. Wherever you are please join with us too. Click the picture opposite to see the Act of Consecration.



This evening we have First Vespers for the feast of St Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, & how much we need his intercession right now. His whole life is defined by his relations to others; we remember Joseph, not for his wise words or his dramatic actions but for simply doing God's Will; for giving himself up for others. He is an Icon for our faith; silent, strong and a great example in a world that tends to broadcast virtue from the rooftops! May he enfold our world today as he once enfolded Jesus and Mary in his embrace, may he be our intercessor during these difficult days.



New life is waking up all round us, the promise of better things to come; right now God's beauty in nature is showering us with gifts. This season of Lent is also translated as and called a little Springtime and so we are enjoying the new blossom on our young cherry trees and the annual display of 'a host of golden daffodils' in the Park.
God be Praised!





The colours of Ukraine





The words 'Do not be afraid' appear 366 times throughout the Bible. We are now in these days known as Shrovetide; for us in the monastery, as well as being a time to prepare for the coming of Lent it's also a time of extra recreation; a little letting go in order that we too are not going to 'be afraid' of the 40 days that follow Ash Wednesday; of the discipline and beauty of being called to follow Jesus more closely, more intimately. May Lent be for you a time of special graces and blessings.



We have a box of Pot Pourri; it looks like crisp, shrivelled petals and leaves, coloured it's true to make them look more attractive and yet I know that if I open the box a fragrance will fill the room and the space it occupies. This is a great anecdote for us, that when we feel dried up and past our prime and sell by date, when we perhaps cover up how we actually feel, God's love can still exude from us to others & into the place we find ourselves.



On Sunday our Bishop called in to see us; Bishop Richard Moth is the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, our Diocese. It's always good to welcome him and he enjoyed his cup of tea.



Last night, the eve of our Holy Mother St Jane de Chantal's 450th anniversary of birth, we celebrated a vigil and this evening our Office of 1st Vespers takes us into the feast-day of Our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales. We unite with our sisters all over the world as we celebrate this special day, made more so in this Jubilee year dedicated to him. We thank God for his love, his guidance and his care of our holy Order. We place you and all your intentions before the Lord.



Why Our Mother, Sr Jane Margaret, had to dress up as though she was a member of the Mafia I don't know, but when we enjoyed our annual Epiphany recreation last weekend we played Bingo and this is how she dressed for her position as 'Caller'! It was great fun but as you can see by the photos it was also a very serious business requiring lots of concentration.



Today is the feast of the Baptism of Jesus and the end of the Christmas season; on this bright and sunny morning we share with you these words of combined resolutions for this New Year.

                  click on the plane

6.1.22    The Epiphany

Royal Presents

The off'rings of the Eastern kings of old
unto Our Lord were incense, myrrh and gold;
Incense because a God; gold as a king;
and myrrh as to a dying man they bring.
Instead of incense blessed Lord if we
can send a sigh or fervent prayer to thee,
instead of Myrrh if we can but provide
tears that from penitential eyes do slide,
and though we have no gold; if for our part
we can present thee with a broken heart
thou wilt accept: and say those Eastern kings
did not present thee with more precious things.
                         Nathaniel Wanley   1634  -  1680



As we welcome in this New Year 2022, we wonder what it will bring! 2021 was a very full year with many challenges, many happy memories and meetings in between lockdowns! We received many blessings and joys and a few sad times too; now we place ourselves before the Lord ready for whatever he may send. We wish you all a very Blessed New Year and remember you in our prayers.


click on picture
to share our Christmas


'O lovely Christmas night, Jesus Emmanuel . . . .'
We unite with our sisters throughout the world as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. In love & prayer we hold you, our friends & relations, in our hearts & wish you Blessings & Joy on this great feast.



Tonight at Vespers we begin the O Antiphons; these beautiful, ancient verses are like a drum roll, growing into a crescendo, as these next seven days bring us closer to the miracle of Christmas. Each Antiphon highlights a title for the Messiah & each refers to a prophecy of Isaiah of the coming of Jesus.



On Monday we enjoyed an Advent day of prayer, beautifully & very gently shared with us by Fr Paul Jennings, a priest of our diocese. Our good friends the community of the Canonesses Regular of Windesheim
came to share the day and it was so good to re-connect after not seeing them for over two years because of the pandemic. It was a very peaceful, still & joy-filled day as we pondered on 'the God who comes'. Come Lord Jesus Come, Maranatha!



We have gently flowed into Advent, this special season that invites us to silent contemplation, silent expectation, longing & great joy! As we approach the end of this year dedicated to St Joseph we think of him, his hidden & simple life, his awareness of a secret, a secret that God had entrusted to him. May he help us to grow in awareness of the hidden secret entrusted to each one of us today and in the continuous Sacrament of Advent. As we live these Advent days may we, each day, sing Mary's FIAT and make it our own.



We have planted some new fruit trees, rabbit proof, deer proof, and anything else that ventures near proof, as they become established and get a chance to grow without being chewed! As we enter into our triduum retreat before the renewal of our holy Vows on Saturday (advanced a day this year because of Christ the King being celebrated on the 21st) we thank God for the many blessings in our lives, for the beauty of nature that surrounds us, for our sisters in community and for the gift of our vocations.



We are in the season of God's loving mercy. November is the month of the Holy Souls, those who have gone before us & who now rely on our prayers. When speaking of death Cardinal Basil Hume said 'When that time arrives do not worry; we shall travel through the cold, grey light of a bleak English morning into God's spring and summer.' We think of those who are on that journey, those we know and those we do not know as we pray - 'Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.' Amen



HOSPITALITY derives from the meaning of 'A friendly and gracious reception of guests and visitors'. The word WELCOME means to greet, receive and accept and the word RETREAT stems from the French 'retraire', to withdraw, to pull back. Put all these together & you have out Retreat apostolate.
We welcome those who seek to withdraw from an often busy, noisy and very full daily life; those who seek stillness & silence in a place of 'otherness', a place of prayer, where God can speak to their hearts.
The daily rhythm of our life can offer a glimpse of contemplation; our enclosure seeks to invite, to pause, rest, recreate and recharge.



Yesterday our dear Sr Josephine Margaret celebrated her 90th birthday and we enjoyed a tea-party. Sister is a much loved member of our community; still very active, especially when it comes to picking apples in the orchard! We thank God for her presence  in our lives.



Beautiful autumn days are with us, the trees, as yet, haven't caught up, haven't shed their leaves or changed colour; apples are hanging in abundance in the orchard, it will be a good harvest this year. Sometimes a walk in the garden can be a great blessing; away from the hustle and bustle of a busy daily life - yes, even enclosed nuns have busy lives. We need to make time to 'Listen in silence'; our hearts and our days become full of a thousand things in which we're unable to hear God's voice. If we make the effort to 'Listen in silence' He will speak to us and we will hear Him.



After over 18 months we have at last been able to welcome our good friends and affiliated sisters, Donna, Sue and Ann. With the kindness and generosity of Fr Jim Hurley we enjoyed, on a very hot day last week, a recreation with a McDonald's dinner and icecream! Click on the pic opposite.



We pray and we never forget . . . .



Everyone likes stained-glass windows don't they? We have quite a few here, in the chapel, in the porch and in Patmos. Our Lady is like a stained glass window;  God's beauty shines through her, radiating to all who come close to her. God has his own stained glass window miracles too in nature; this picture is a dragonfly wing!



Join us for a stroll around the grounds; from the pond to the park, from the bees to the dragon flies! Although the weather is so unpredictable there is still much of God's beauty to see.



The Angelus is rung in our monastery three times each day; it calls us to prayer, to place ourselves in God's presence as we recite the well-known words; at our former monastery our outside bell would also ring  through the neighbourhood. This tradition can be traced back to the 11th century & then in 1456 Pope Callixtus ordered the formal ringing of bells; it was found in the catechism in Venice in 1560. These simple words, taking just a couple of minutes, invite us to stop what we are doing, to raise our minds & hearts to God through the intercession of Our Blessed Lady & with her say our 'Yes' to whatever God may ask of us.



Every year we have a summer recreation in honour of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. Saturday was very hot but we enjoyed our dinner on the patio and a game of croquet. I don't know who's rulles we follow but l suspect they are our own! There was a bit of cheating but there was also a lot of laughter and fun.



Sr Josephine Margaret will be 90 in the Autumn & although nuns do not retire she does have more free time now so she is enjoying her new hobby - colouring. Sister really loves doing this & does it beautifully. It made me think that in life we are each given a colouring book; each day a page of fine pen sketches & we spend our lives colouring them in! Some pages become vibrant & bright with striking hues, some are pale & pastel & perhaps more gentle, while others may remain black and white sketches! At the end of our lives we hand our colouring books back to God. He flicks through them, He understands, He smiles & He says 'Welcome'.



Are any of you watching The Chosen; we love it & are up to Season 2 episode 6. In episode 5 Jesus says to Simon the Zealot "I have everything that l need, but l WANT YOU"! He has said this to all the sisters in my community, to every sister in our Order since the year we were founded -1610, 'I have everything I need but I want you'. Can you hear Him saying that to you too?


Where would we be without our Saints, without our Martyrs? Today, on the anniversary of St John Fisher's execution in 1535, we celebrate the feast of Sts. John Fisher & Thomas More; known for their great faith & trust in God, for their courage & resilience in times of persecution. Today we pray, through their intercession, for our country, that once again we too may echo the words ' I die the King's servant, but God's first'.                          St John Fisher.



In life there are different shades of 'normal'; right now in our daily lives these are very diverse and mine is not yours and yours is not mine. But we thank God for the shade in our lives, allowing us, at times, to escape the glare and limelight, to just abide in the stillness and beauty of the now.


11.6.21     Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Heart of Jesus is the ultimate symbol of God's mercy, the source from which salvation gushes forth for all humanity".
                       Pope Francis.



As we enjoy the warm summer sun, here is a salutary message. We all need to take stock, to prioritize, to remember what is important in our lives - and to smile!


       The Visitation

A day of Eucharistic adoration, prayer and reflection as we share this with you  -  We are a monastery of the Visitation and our days are also full of 'visitations! Some of us, like Mary, are more at the beginning of the journey, we are trusting, faithful and at times afraid, yet courageous.

Some of us are like Elizabeth; older, and have been longer in religious life; have lived fully our 'Mary years', and like Elizabeth too are fruitful in our golden years, trusting that nothing is impossible to God.

Elizabeth, for Mary, is living proof that God's promises will be fulfilled, and so it is in our Visitation community. The Elizabeth's among us bear witness for the younger sisters; their joy, enthusiasm for their vocations, after so many years, speak volumes to the Mary's among us.

Countless times each day, in our monastery, a Mary sets out, in haste, to help an Elizabeth. And Elizabeth receives Mary graciously with joy. This mystery of the Visitation is lived daily, again and again, with our sisters in this 'Place of our delight.'



We are nearing the end of the month of Mary. Each day we have devotions to her & sing a Marian hymn; each day we rejoice that we have her as our Mother, our Intercessor, and our friend. We gave Our Lady a crown of roses, because as Dante said she is "The rose wherein the Divine Word was made flesh". Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.



We go into retreat tonight in preparation for Pentecost. As we remember you in prayer during these days, we share this beautiful prayer of St Thomas More. Click on picture.



This is Sr Clare Chantal's prayer seat! It's just as well she had vacated it before one of the bee hives swarmed. Our Mother was able to get them safely back home after their little adventure, and she only got one bee sting!



As we are told in Revelations ch2:17 we each have a new, secret name written on a white stone, if we are open and listen to the Spirit. Do you know your secret name; something known only to you and God, by which He lovingly calls you? Inviting you to a new beginning, gifting you with a hidden manna, the Revelations of God. In the monastery we use a white stone when we have elections for a new superior, or for an important decision; a white stone means acceptance, a black stone, rejection. During these days when we await the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost it's good to ponder - what do we call our God and what does He, in love, call us?



The daffodils are over & now it's bluebell-time! At the end of these sunny April days a sea of blue pervades our ancient woodland & takes our breath away. Beauty is one of the most wonderful gifts we have been given & we are immersed in it & surrounded by it. God be Praised!


25.4.21.  Good Shepherd Sunday

Today we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday &
we think of all those who have inspired and walked with us on our faith journys. Here in the monastery we give thanks for our own 'Good Shepherd', Mother Jane Margaret, and for her gentle support and guidance each day.



Some spring pictures on another beautiful sunny day. Our ducks are busy looking for a place to nest and lay their eggs, they spend hours searching, let's hope they pick a safe place away from the foxes. The bees are busily buzzing, searching for pollen, what would we do without them?




Today we offer our prayers with the rest of the country, for our Queen and the Royal family as they hold the funeral & unite in celebrating the life of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. May he rest in the light of God's eternal glory. Amen.



A few Easter pictures to share with you.
Please click on the picture.




How wonderful it will be to be able to sing these joyful words again. The Divine Office & Liturgy resounds with it at every opportunity after 6 long weeks.
We wish you many blessings this Eastertide.
With love and prayers your Sisters of Waldron



As we gaze into the park with it's yellow mist of daffodils we are given hope, our spirits are lifted, that the barren months of winter are passing. At Vespers this evening we begin this holiest of the Church's weeks & look back on a year when many have experienced broken bodies & broken spirits; we have seen & realise how fragile all life is; accepting this is preparation for healing & rebirth.
This special week gives us time to reflect not just on our own sufferings but the pain of everyone & eventually, with God's grace, the stone is rolled away from this place of darkness allowing God's light to shine through.
May your Holy Week be prayerful & bring you blessings. We will be in retreat & will remember you in prayer.



Introducing our two Irish colleens, proudly 'wearing of the green' yesterday on the feast of St Patrick and sharing a talk our Mother gave us in preparation for the feast of St Joseph tomorrow. Click on the pictures.



The daffodils are out! Praise the Lord!

         S - ee
         M - iracles                
         I  - n
         L  - ife
         E  - veryday



Genealogy took off as a hobby several years ago & is still very popular today; we all want to know our roots, where we came from, who we came from, our Family Tree. Just as relevant would be our Spiritual Family Tree - finding our faith roots, seeing how our past has meandered along ways of strengths & weaknesses, sufferings & courage. Perhaps our faith is strong today because of family influences past. So many will have journyed with us & with our ancestors, determining God's power in us today. God works in us through others, through them we are nurtured & grow in faith. Let us take a minute today to think with grateful hearts of those we know - and those we don't know, who have enabled us to have faith today, & praise & thank God for them.



We all need to have a vision for the future, especially given present day circumstances. We must plan, and be aware of & be responsible for the future, but our hope & vision must not just be rooted in the present. Life is not just memories & longing for the past, nor is it dreams & fantasies about the future. It is here & now, flowing with & from reality, in communion with the earth, the universe, other people & ourselves.



The sun is out & today has all the promise of spring being just around the corner; after all these past challenging months we need this hope to look forward to. The roses in the cloister courtyard were heavily pruned in late autumn & it was thought that they might not survive so strenuous a chop; prayers have been whispered over them that the new life within might burst forth. After some-what anxious days/weeks, behold the new shoots are proudly there, green, healthy, fresh & strong.
This is for us, during these Lenten weeks, a parable showing us that pruning within ourselves, painful, challenging but necessary, will enable new life to spring forth if we are courageous enough.



We are in the season of 'Shrove-tide', the week preceding Ash Wednesday & Lent. The word comes from the meaning of Carnival & in some countries traditionally this is the time of carnival, of having a last fling before the rigours of six weeks of Lent. Someone wrote it is a time to give ourselves 'licence in the ways of frolic & good cheer'! For us here at the monastery there are days of extra recreation & fun, with pancake-making & tossing on Pancake Tuesday!
In the 16th century, the Church, in order to make reparation for all the excesses of carnival, instituted special days of prayer, & a Plenary indulgence was granted by Pope Benedict XIV in 1747 to all who prayed at this time before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. We too unite in these special times of prayer for the first three days of Lent.



While some of you wake up to blizzards & thick snow this is what we were gifted with the other morning.




On the feast of our Holy Founder our dear Sr Mary Christine was called into the eternal presence of God. Sister was 88 years old with 62 years of religious profession. Originally from Ireland, she trained as a nurse before entering our monastery of Roselands; they later relocated to Partridge Green & when that monastery closed Sister & the remaining sisters fused with our Waldron community. Sister was cared for in a nearby nursing home in her last few years where she was much loved. She offered her many sufferings to Jesus crucified to whom she had a great devotion. May she rest in peace.



23.1.21.   Feast of St Francis de Sales

Tomorrow we celebrate in joy with our sisters all over the world the feast of our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales. We give thanks for our vocation within the church, we ask Holy Founder to bless our communities that we may each 'Live Jesus' where He has called us to be & to enfold within that calling all those who journey with us in faith & love. A very Happy Feastday to you all.

'In truth our little congregation is the work of the Hearts of Jesus & Mary. By dying the Saviour has brought us to birth by opening his Sacred Heart.'


Today we began the Novena to Our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, in preparation for his feast on January 24th. We meet & recite the Litany to him each morning. The Reliquary reflects the altar of St Francis de Sales in our monastery church in Rue Royale, Annecy, where our sisters reunited after the French Revolution. They moved to their present location at the beginning of the 20th century. Join us in the Novena. For the litany of St Francis de Sales click on one of the pictures.




As we begin this New Year & enter into the 'ordinary' time of the church's calendar, we realise that today nothing is ordinary! We are living in quite extraordinary times. As we carry the Lord in our hearts we can still hear His invitation . . . click on picture



This morning we have had news that at least 26 of the 30+ sisters from out 1st Monastery of Madrid are very ill with the Covid 19 virus. Many are hospitalised & in ITU. We are beseeching our Spainsh Sister Martyrs of that monastery, to intercede for them that they may return to good health. Please join us in prayer.



Just a thought on this feast of the Magi; what do you think Joseph & Mary did with the gold they received? Any ideas?



Yesterday morning our dear Sr Paul Mary, Superior of our former monastery of Stamullen, Ireland, died peacefully in St Francis Nursing Home, Dundalk, where she had been cared for with great devotion for a number of years. Sister's funeral mass will be on Friday January 8th, she will be buried in our cemetery in Stamullen. May she rest in peace in God's eternal love.


Our Lady Mother of God

'I said to the man who stood
at the gate of the year:
'Give me a light that I may
tread safely into the unknown.'
And he replied:
'Go out into the darkness & put your hand into the hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light,
& safer than a known way.'

Keep us good Lord
under the shadow  of your mercy
in this time  of uncertainty  & distress.
Sustain & support  the
 anxious  & fearful,
  lift up all who are brought low,
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can
separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus Our Lord.



A sharing of our Christmas days for you. The first pictures are of a beautiful Advent Calendar gifted by our dear Inge, we pressed out & put the relevant cut-outs in place each day. Also Christmas day was the 94th birthday of our dear Sr Paul Miryam so we enjoyed a double celebration.

   click on picture
   & turn sound up


In this rather 'different' year we come to wish you the many blessings of this beautiful season. May the Christ Child bring you hope & peace of heart, may you keep safe & well & may you look to the future with joy.