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The sun is out & today has all the promise of spring being just around the corner; after all these past challenging months we need this hope to look forward to. The roses in the cloister courtyard were heavily pruned in late autumn & it was thought that they might not survive so strenuous a chop; prayers have been whispered over them that the new life within might burst forth. After some-what anxious days/weeks, behold the new shoots are proudly there, green, healthy, fresh & strong.
This is for us, during these Lenten weeks, a parable showing us that pruning within ourselves, painful, challenging but necessary, will enable new life to spring forth if we are courageous enough.



We are in the season of 'Shrove-tide', the week preceding Ash Wednesday & Lent. The word comes from the meaning of Carnival & in some countries traditionally this is the time of carnival, of having a last fling before the rigours of six weeks of Lent. Someone wrote it is a time to give ourselves 'licence in the ways of frolic & good cheer'! For us here at the monastery there are days of extra recreation & fun, with pancake-making & tossing on Pancake Tuesday!
In the 16th century, the Church, in order to make reparation for all the excesses of carnival, instituted special days of prayer, & a Plenary indulgence was granted by Pope Benedict XIV in 1747 to all who prayed at this time before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. We too unite in these special times of prayer for the first three days of Lent.



While some of you wake up to blizzards & thick snow this is what we were gifted with the other morning.




On the feast of our Holy Founder our dear Sr Mary Christine was called into the eternal presence of God. Sister was 88 years old with 62 years of religious profession. Originally from Ireland, she trained as a nurse before entering our monastery of Roselands; they later relocated to Partridge Green & when that monastery closed Sister & the remaining sisters fused with our Waldron community. Sister was cared for in a nearby nursing home in her last few years where she was much loved. She offered her many sufferings to Jesus crucified to whom she had a great devotion. May she rest in peace.



23.1.21.   Feast of St Francis de Sales

Tomorrow we celebrate in joy with our sisters all over the world the feast of our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales. We give thanks for our vocation within the church, we ask Holy Founder to bless our communities that we may each 'Live Jesus' where He has called us to be & to enfold within that calling all those who journey with us in faith & love. A very Happy Feastday to you all.

'In truth our little congregation is the work of the Hearts of Jesus & Mary. By dying the Saviour has brought us to birth by opening his Sacred Heart.'


Today we began the Novena to Our Holy Founder, St Francis de Sales, in preparation for his feast on January 24th. We meet & recite the Litany to him each morning. The Reliquary reflects the altar of St Francis de Sales in our monastery church in Rue Royale, Annecy, where our sisters reunited after the French Revolution. They moved to their present location at the beginning of the 20th century. Join us in the Novena. For the litany of St Francis de Sales click on one of the pictures.




As we begin this New Year & enter into the 'ordinary' time of the church's calendar, we realise that today nothing is ordinary! We are living in quite extraordinary times. As we carry the Lord in our hearts we can still hear His invitation . . . click on picture



This morning we have had news that at least 26 of the 30+ sisters from out 1st Monastery of Madrid are very ill with the Covid 19 virus. Many are hospitalised & in ITU. We are beseeching our Spainsh Sister Martyrs of that monastery, to intercede for them that they may return to good health. Please join us in prayer.



Just a thought on this feast of the Magi; what do you think Joseph & Mary did with the gold they received? Any ideas?



Yesterday morning our dear Sr Paul Mary, Superior of our former monastery of Stamullen, Ireland, died peacefully in St Francis Nursing Home, Dundalk, where she had been cared for with great devotion for a number of years. Sister's funeral mass will be on Friday January 8th, she will be buried in our cemetery in Stamullen. May she rest in peace in God's eternal love.


Our Lady Mother of God

'I said to the man who stood
at the gate of the year:
'Give me a light that I may
tread safely into the unknown.'
And he replied:
'Go out into the darkness & put your hand into the hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light,
& safer than a known way.'

Keep us good Lord
under the shadow  of your mercy
in this time  of uncertainty  & distress.
Sustain & support  the
 anxious  & fearful,
  lift up all who are brought low,
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can
separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus Our Lord.


A sharing of our Christmas days for you. The first pictures are of a beautiful Advent Calendar gifted by our dear Inge, we pressed out & put the relevant cut-outs in place each day. Also Christmas day was the 94th birthday of our dear Sr Paul Miryam so we enjoyed a double celebration.

   click on picture
   & turn sound up


In this rather 'different' year we come to wish you the many blessings of this beautiful season. May the Christ Child bring you hope & peace of heart, may you keep safe & well & may you look to the future with joy.